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  1. zaman-gm

    Regaining The Sanctuary of Hajj With Islam

    Should write Muhammad (SAW or PBUH).
  2. zaman-gm

    Historic Very important history :

    I'm interested what shia's are saying about "Abd Allaah bin al-Saba"?!!!!
  3. zaman-gm

    Jesus Christ in Islam

    We all are lovely creation of Allah SWT. He loves us all......he wants us to worship him alone. By the way Did u say something about fooooood...:rolleyes: What sort food do you like?.....:arab1:
  4. zaman-gm

    Jesus Christ in Islam

    May Allah reward you Sister. May Allah forgive us all and accept us for his mercy. There this nothing for forgiveness i think. You are such a humble sister. Ma sha Allah. I like to visit hyde park speakers corner youtube video and enjoy conversation of information. like this and many others...
  5. zaman-gm

    Jesus Christ in Islam

    Dear Sister Cariad what do u mean by "Qur'an contains errors"??? What is that??!!!!!!!!!:)
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    Scammers in salamyou

    :SMILY45: :SMILY309:
  7. zaman-gm

    The Garden Corner

    it looks growing too fast. Ma Sha Allah. Love to see them.:arab1:
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    Arn't sunnis transgressing?

    Salam, If you ask some basic question to a Shia and he/she give answer as like a Muslim without any shirk, then no one can blame them. But we should aware about politics, self-interested people and Hypocrites. We have enough experience about violence and heart tearing pain year after year...
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    News Indian Groups Urge Zakir Naik Ban In Malaysia.

    lol. Dr Zakir is a "terrorists" !!!!!!!:D But he said he is a "fundamentalist", he is an "extremist" for peace. May Allah Protect him.
  10. zaman-gm

    Do Jinns really exist?

    Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullhi wa barakatuh brother abdulmajeed31. I think it's ok. This is not "ill fate" that we cannot see them. It is a wonderful idea of Allah swt . Ma Sha Allah.
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    Story for children: Seeds of the Paradise

    Good Author: Good Story.:)
  12. zaman-gm

    Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead

    I desired 51% as Good. But what is the reality!!!??? Reality is simple...that's why we are here in this thread. But you know, we should continue to uphold the truth and peace. At least for our self satisfaction.
  13. zaman-gm

    Boko Haram burns kids alive in Nigeria, 86 dead

    Uncivilized, just madness around. "No mater it is just or unjust, i'll do what every i can to satisfy my heart(satan)." ???Wow??? Four types of people that i can see in this world * Business man. * Derailed religious/believers(what ever it is). * Dizzy people. (???????..........) & * Calm and...
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    Thank you

    Welcome to the Forum Peter_502.:SMILY206:
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    Holy Kaaba

  16. zaman-gm

    Living as Muslim

    Wa alikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. May Allah bless u.
  17. zaman-gm

    Why Jesus is not Son of God?

    Jazak Allahoo khiran. This is very simple... Allahu Akbar. لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
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    Problem Pakistan university attack. Pakistan university attack: Gunmen kill 21 people and injure 51 after storming Bacha Khan campus.
  19. zaman-gm

    News Islam Event Today.

    MashaAllah! Very Nice.