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  1. Southrn_Muslimah

    Australian Muslims

    :wasalam: Welcome to the forum :D Stay strong and be positive..don't let the worst of your emotions control you..:inshallah: I shall check out your blog :)
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    :salam2: Alhamdullilah, feeling neutral..neither too much happiness nor too much sadness :D
  3. Southrn_Muslimah

    How your Mom Bash you

    :salam2: My mother has never laid a hand on me because she uses her voice instead of physical abuse :-P Her voice makes me shake lol. My dad though has smacked me across the knee with a wire hanger when he was trying to play his video game and I was jumping on the bed nagging him....This...
  4. Southrn_Muslimah

    Which Islamic Book are you reading now

    :salam2: Just to do a basic search on Sayyid Qutb. His thoughts have inspired groups like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The 2nd guy under Bin Laden is a follower of Qutb with the faction of the group that broke off from the Muslim Brotherhood called the Islamic Jihad group that supports using...
  5. Southrn_Muslimah

    Wonder your comment

    :salam2: It reminds me of the houses in the Jetson's cartoon. :wasalam:
  6. Southrn_Muslimah

    Did the Prophet remain illerate all his life?

    :salam2: If you dont mind, I want to expand to your question lol. We know that the Prophet (SAW) was a merchant for Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her), so was there a possibility that he knew how to do numbers in order to record all transactions? So does the term illiterate apply to...
  7. Southrn_Muslimah

    Chuck E Cheese & Grocery Stores

    :salam2: LOL. I wish I had your patience with children in enclosed areas lol. Insha Allah I will work on that :D Wow I didnt know Chuck E Cheese branched out to Canada. I learn something new everyday. Do they have the really really creepy show and they all sing lol. Sorry singing...
  8. Southrn_Muslimah

    I want your perspective on this ques !!!!

    :salam2: Also it was the agenda by Dispensationalist (Protestants) who have a literalist view of the Bible.They believe that the nation of Israel must exist in order for the 2nd coming of Jesus called the Rapture. The first movement for a Jewish state was thought of in the 1820s by...
  9. Southrn_Muslimah

    I want your perspective on this ques !!!!

    :salam2: The idea of the Jewish nation was stemmed by anti-Semitic Europeans who wanted the Jewish practioners out of Europe. The Balfour Declaration which is only a paragraph long helped establish the nation of "Israel" Foreign Office, November 2nd, 1917. Dear Lord Rothschild, I have...
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    The Awrah of a Muslimah

    Ditto to that sis!
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    Chuck E Cheese & Grocery Stores

    :salam2: Chuck E Cheese scares me because of the mass amounts of children that are not being supervised by their parents. lol...I once had a girl of 6 years old steal my coins and I told her mother and her mother did not respond kindly. I stay away from places that are infested with loud...
  12. Southrn_Muslimah

    problem with marriage -- process

    :salam2: I am sorry about your first hurdle, but have you ever thought that maybe SWT intervened and this girl was not the one for you? If it wasnt meant to be, then dont fret :) :wasalam:
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    :salam2: Sis! Insha Allah you will enjoy the TTI community and benefit from each other. Welcome! :wasalam:
  14. Southrn_Muslimah

    Sitting In Salah

    :salam2: Indeed many things happen to me within community lol. Alhamdullilah I guess I could say. I thought that I would be pro at praying now but I am still clumsy and I have no balance haha. :wasalam:
  15. Southrn_Muslimah

    I Just Bought a New Car

    :salam2: Congrats on the new car! Hopefully it gets good gas mileage or else you will be on the list of gas guzzlers and will get bad stares :angryblue: Anywho take care of your car! :wasalam:
  16. Southrn_Muslimah

    Sitting In Salah

    :salam2: It is quite difficult at first, but hey do some pilates lol. Stretching or some form of exercise to wake up the muscles will help. Pilates really did help me, but of course praying regularly helps also :D Now I sit like that all the time. I find it to be the most comfortable...
  17. Southrn_Muslimah

    Dinner Ideas????

    :salam2: I make a steak and cheese dish all the time. It is always a big hit with any person I feed it to. I have thread about it, but I will type again :D I usually eyeball it, but I will try to explain in good detail. Ingredients: Steak Half an onion (in small pieces) A small...
  18. Southrn_Muslimah

    those who are in Medical school or phd

    :salam2: Even though I am not in medical school or wish to pursue it, I do have a mother who did nursing for 20 years then went to medical school when I was 5. I am now 22. My parents are still together alhamdullilah. They had many rough patches (LOTS), but eventually they would work it out...
  19. Southrn_Muslimah

    So I have this trip to W.DC

    :salam2: I am jealous. You should definitely go. If you do not admire museums and history lessons and what might not enjoy it. Overall when I went I had a blast, but I was with 50 people. Try to go with someone who will be as enthousiastic (sp?) as you. :wasalam:
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    what is better to hug or shake hands

    :salam2: It really does depend on the situation like a person's health and mine. If I see a person coughing up a lung, I really have no desire to kiss you on the cheek 3 times. I am iffy about shaking hands and hugs I reserve for the parents :D or a friend I haven't seen in a while. I...