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  1. beautiful is islam

    i am really mad at tii

    i post somthing this moring and they delted. nobody has no right to dealt my post this is the scond time. is not like i post something bad or naked people. i post something that has to do with muslim people. this sucks really bad. i don't like this websit no more. am never coming back so...
  2. beautiful is islam

    Ha ha, I hit 'em': Top secret video showing U.S. helicopter pilots killing civillians

    thank you for sharing this heartbraking. i live in happy life well on the other side my brother and sisters are get kill. may Allah give this umma the heart to deafin one other. may he protact every musilim from this mean people. i hope they burn to the worst hell today and the hearafter. YA...
  3. beautiful is islam

    Make dua for me - please

    :salam2: my dear sister may Allah be with you. am really srry to hear that i now it sucks living in non-musilm country sometimes. May Allah be with All of Musilm. be patents my dear one. and my dua is with u.:girl3:
  4. beautiful is islam

    Any muslim sister in Sweden living? :)

    :salam2: my sister may Allah bering you to many good muslim because i am someone who got to now you really well therough online you are just whenof the best people i now and good luck. may Allah be with you.:shymuslima1:
  5. beautiful is islam

    My Piece Of Work!

    :salam2: jazakallah. for sharing with us. they are woooooooooooooooow :ma:that is beautiful sis. i love them keep up the good work
  6. beautiful is islam

    i wore the niqab alhamduliallah taala

    :salam2: my dear sis i am so happy for you may Allah be with you. i hope Allah reward you for good luck with it too. no matter what happens be strong my sister.:ma:
  7. beautiful is islam

    Allah is al-Mu’min (The Giver of Security)

    :salam2: :ma: thank you for sharing.
  8. beautiful is islam

    Homemade Vegetarian Marshmallows

    Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Ingredients: •1 2/3 cups sugar •½ cup water •2 T. agar flakes •2 large egg whites •Pinch of cream of tartar •3 T. Egg Replacer Preparation: 1. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, water and agar flakes, stirring well to...
  9. beautiful is islam

    Death of a close relative .. Pls make dua

    :wasalam: may Allah put him in the high Janna and forgive all his sin. to him and every musilm.. am sorry about you lost bro..
  10. beautiful is islam

    Written by fourteen year old Suzy Fouad

    :salam2: Amen may Allah increes her with imman. she is just lovely girl for writting that. thanks for reading it.
  11. beautiful is islam

    Staying cool!

    :salam2: dear sis. you should buy a lot of long cotton dress. that help out a lot. the store by now are coming out with a lot of long summer dress. get those and were with a long sleeve shirts. for hijab some stores do have summer hijab. good luck tell me all about it.
  12. beautiful is islam

    Written by fourteen year old Suzy Fouad

    When You Look At Me What do you see when you look at me Do you see someone limited, or someone free All some people can do is just look and stare Simply because they can't see my hair Others think I am controlled and uneducated They think that I am limited and un-liberated...
  13. beautiful is islam

    Girls of the ummah! by bint Pandor

    Islamic Poetry Girls of the ummah! by bint Pandor You got a scarf on your head But jeans that stick to your skin Your stomach is revealed You’re into the SIN When asked what you are Your culture you name Muslim don’t cross your tongue What a pity what a shame! You take...
  14. beautiful is islam

    I'm back

    :salam2: my dear sis am glade to hear from you. may Allah make everything easy for you. May he aslo give you the best imman and health you and every person. i love you sis good luck with everything.:shymuslima1:
  15. beautiful is islam

    I'm a Muslim by me [POEM] =) Take a min to read.

    :salam2: :ma: beautiful sis i loved everyword and thats how i also feel too. i love you
  16. beautiful is islam


    :salam2: dear sis am srry you feel that way really if i can be there for you in real life i would have give you a big hug... but sense we both are not togther in person. just air hug fr0m the computer. i really do love you and when see you smile and be happy really if you want talk to some all...
  17. beautiful is islam

    Gossip and backbiting a teacher

    because my lunch is 15min i try to do wudo frist and go to lunch. what made her mad is that she didn't want me to go in front of her in the bathtroom. she has the bathroom all to herself all day. that was the only time i need it. she is always talking to people taking longer time to use it. i...
  18. beautiful is islam

    i need your help

    :salam2: dear sister may allah be with you. you just have to keep try.
  19. beautiful is islam

    girl who was lost in this world

    :wasalam: i am thankful for allah he is the most merciful one. yes it my true store and hijaab is a jihad :SMILY335: well thaks for reading it.
  20. beautiful is islam

    What do you think now???

    :salam2: i love it so true. thanks sis