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  1. LaLa09

    My Dream Meaning?

    i know right, i think that people including muslims have started to associate the turban and islamic clothing with terrorism. It happend to me accidentally when i looked at a dude and thought he was a terrorist just by the way he was dressed. Its all psychological really, labeling people is just...
  2. LaLa09

    Umm...strange question....

    Oh wow manshallah thats quite a situation that you have there, but unfortunately i cannot help you with that one, maybe some of the more experienced members can help :) i don't want to offer the wrong advice, sorry but i will make dua for you that you make a good decision what ever it may...
  3. LaLa09

    what has happened to tti?

    Manshallah sis i'm glad you brought this topic forth, Re-reading a message helps a lot and i've learned that it was 7% for the words used, 38% by the persons tone, and 55% by the body language. I was actually shocked in my psychology class when i learned this and we must remember that when we...
  4. LaLa09

    Why Are You Still Single?

    ditto and as a lot of people have said it's Allah's will I'll get married when the time is right inshallah.
  5. LaLa09

    *No title -yet*

    ah i wish i was poetic! Manshallah good one, i was trying to think of a title too but you know me i'm un-poetic!! Jezakallahu kherin
  6. LaLa09

    two faced?

    I agree with sister a_muslimah86
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    wow manshallah this is a lot of info i had no clue about! Jezakallahu kharyn!
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    Eid mubarack

  9. LaLa09

    Which Surah?:)

    Ar-Rahman is also one of my favorite suras! I also like Al-Anbiya. And one of my favorite ayat is in Al-Ahzab verse 34 "For Muslim men and women― for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women...
  10. LaLa09

    If Ciderella was a muslim

    :lol: btw i didn't catch that mistake either!
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    How many languages do you speak ?

    I speak English, Somali, and i'm learning spanish (3 yrs in high school isn't enough) I can read spanish better than i can speak it. Arabi i know a little, i can read and write some however when it comes to speaking, i know greetings and that's about it! Inshallah i'm planning on learning it as...
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    Exactly! don't forget your duas!!
  13. LaLa09

    Please read this!

    well there's the notion that if you are a organ donor the doctors hesisitate to actually revive or help you in order for them to get your organs, but then again you can't be really sure, it might be true and it might not allahu a'lim.
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    Manshallah I'm very happy for you!!! I hope you make it there and back safe and sound inshallah!!!! by the way you had a good pause/"drum roll" going there i was expecting either an engagement or a baby :)
  15. LaLa09

    I'm so happy (BIG NEWS)

    Alhamdulilah! I'm very happy for you guys, and of coarse there's nothing wrong for showing affection!!:ma:
  16. LaLa09

    Who's more precious than gold,diamonds and pearls?

    aww so true. manshallah
  17. LaLa09

    new member :)

    Hope you learn and enjoy it here at TTI!! :hijabi:
  18. LaLa09

    Pray before........

    Great advice! Manshallah that quote brings the reality of this live into perspective. Jezakallah kharn
  19. LaLa09

    Need help

    Manshallah members of TTI have shared a lot of nasheeds here are the links of the threads
  20. LaLa09

    Sharing my nasheedh collection

    I love this nasheed!