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    Islam depression and law of attraction

    The topic i want to shed light on actually the combination of the above 3 subjects. I post here to help muslims who may be suffering from depression. I wanna start by saying that I feel sad and angry whenever I hear someone equating depressive disorders with sadness or 'feeling blue'. Feeling...
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    What does Islam say about depression

    I see a lot of people in this thread making personal opinions about situation related to depression without sound knowledge or experience of it... please if you don't have one of those two, refrain from commenting. May Allah give us guidance and strength
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    What does Islam say about depression

    i have the same issue friend...have been going in n out of episodes for past few years now (maybe more)... only Allah's dhikr saved my mind from total collapse.....its a very tough journey/issue and I think Islamic community needs to be made more aware of it.... personally I find some relief...
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    Great post on importance of dhikr mA.... i have personally seen many benefits with regular dhikr ... there really is nothing else like it for our hearts and minds
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    Description of the Prophet’s prayer By al-Albaani (ra)

    salam o elikum I went to the link but it did not direct me to the book... what would the name of this book?! I wouldn't mind taking a look
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    18 Benefits of Prayer

    mA ... the book seems very interesting ... what is the full name and would anyone know where i can get this book?!
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    How we can get through hardships and trials in our lives

    this is a moving post.... learning that hardships are actually a way for God to bring us closer to Him is very tough to understand emotionally but over time i am gaining more and more belief in it.... may allah give courage and strength to us all to hold on to his rope with strong imaan
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    Tazkiyah - Purifying the soul

    on the other hand, amazing post... mA
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    Tazkiyah - Purifying the soul

    ...something i desperately need ... may Allah grant me the courage to face myself with sincerity iA
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    i enjoyed the post ... mA
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    What the meaning?

    not really its a sufi concept... fyi its the third branch of islam ... sufism is main way thru which islam spread in south asia
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    The Top 10 Richest People On Earth

    may allah bless us with abundance in our lives
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    How to Make Dua That Improves Your Life

    i completely agree about the last point made ... duas need to be specific and it is important that those duas be articulated... Allah always knows what we want ... the problem is do we ...
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    Religion VS Culture

    I do not think that we necessarily have to put one on top of another. Culture and religion are 2 different things and therefore can be practiced simultaneously (as it is often). One of the things that makes life interesting are its flavors... if everyone in the world started speaking one...
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    Acquiring Good characteristics

    the line from holy that is amazing "indeed he succeeds who purifies himself" . sooo true. Success cannot come near us w/o our intentions and our heart being clean