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    Important question...

    No no this is just a general question, if it came to a fight will Allah (SWT) protect?
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    Important question...

    If another person (muslim or non muslim) demands a fight with you and you tell him "No" repeatedly but he won't listen and then attacks you with a punch or kick etc. are we allowed to fight back? Will Allah (SWT) protect us?
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    Freedom For Syria!

    Please watch&share brothers and sisters
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    A beautiful Nasheed

    Wallahi this is beautiful :)
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    A short powerful Islamic Lecture

    My brothers and sisters this is a little speech which Allah (SWT) allowed me to convey, please listen and share, Jazakallah
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    Salams :D !

    Also i gave a small lecture my brother:
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    Salams :D !

    Jazakallah my brother :)
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    Salams :D !

    Salams my brothers and sisters of Islam :D please can you kindly watch&share my short islamic movie :) Surely we have all drifted away from Allah (SWT) Insha'Allah this video will help us all get back on the right path. Ameen <3