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    Before I say Yes....For brothers AND Sisters!

    Salam, Sorry for not replying earlier. You can find her book on any of the online retailers... Salam
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    19 yr old Professor!!!!!

    Salam all, Well said by Sarah & to the point.
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    Salam, That is incorrect. The numbers indicate the how recyclable the plastic is. The higher the number, the longer it will take to recycle or is unrecyclable. So basically, plastic bottle with number 1 is better than plastic bottle with number 2 and so on. Salam
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    Video 2 germans accept Islam(25july08)

    Salam & thanks Abdellah. Yes, I think thats why thy sound so clear when they speak arabic. Salam
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    Video Moldavian girl converted to Islam

    Salam, That is so sweet. I didnt even know that it is so harsh for muslims in Moldova. Especially as Moldova is not not very far from Bosnia and Serbia. May Allah guide you and continue to give us all the strengh to carry on and stay upright. Salam
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    Video 2 germans accept Islam(25july08)

    Salam, This is beautiful. Just something I have noticed, germans tend to have very clear pronunciation of arabic. Is their alphabet pronunciation similar to arabic? Salam
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    ** about Islamic magazines? ** (help)

    Salam, Apologies for the quick reply. Please have a look at this: Salam,
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    male head covering?????

    Salam, I was actually thinking about this a day or two back. From my understanding, we men should also cover our head for players.
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    post ur DESKTOP here

    Salam, Love your setup. Very clean and tidy, plain yet stylish. Salam
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    Must See TV!!!!!!

    Salam, Thanks for this. I have already bookmarked and sent this on to others :) Will discuss after watching this. Salam
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    Some of the Prophet Muhammad's (saw) Ethical Manners

    Salam, Thanks for sharing this with us. Kind Regards,
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    You can't leave me

    Salam, I think the above advise from Isra is to all of us. As that is the hardest thing to do but without it we cannot be muslims, can we? Because I am in the same situation as yourself, I do 'try' to be as good a muslim as possible and hope its my actions that prick your curiosity. Lets...
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    Caution ! U.S. Spies Want to Find Terrorists in World of Warcraft

    Salam, I truly think that American agents disguise as muslims on these forums like TTI just so they can understand/corrupt the minds. Its always best to insist on evidence from the Quran and then the Sunnah. Salam
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    Confessions of an Economic Hitman

    Salam, Thanks for sharing this with us. The book 'Confession of an Economic Hitman' is certainly a book I have to read. I have heard so much about it. Salam
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    your thoughtful opinion please!

    Salam, If there is one thing I have learned in UK is that how hypocritical the western society is. All the western nations one way or the other went ahead to acquire nuclear weapons and why shouldnt the muslim countries. If it is for protection, then so be it. However, It must only be...
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    Meet the Devil....

    Salam, I feel aweful after reading that. May Allah have mercy on us all and protect us from Satan and his associates. But I have to ask, why post this here... Salam
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    New E-Book: 'The Manners of the Knowledge Seeker'

    Salam, Wonderful beginning and so thought provoking. I will certainly look into this soon. Salam & thanks for sharing.
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    Regarding Obama's Threat to Bomb Pakistan

    Salam, Thanks for sharing. They all want/will want to continue the american dominance, whichever one of them is elected. Salam
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    Islam by lithuanian language

    Salam again, Here are some sites which I got from wiki. Unfortunately I cannot verify them as my lithuanian is as good as your urdu (probably). I believe the third link gives details of...
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    Salam, I donot believe you are right there. The Earth was created for mankind, not jinns etc. Salam