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    can i change my name?

    i am with you sis...i agreeee
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    can i change my name?

    KHADIJA! such a pretty name.....MABROOOOOKKKKKKK :D.... and you user name is so nice sister."allah is with me"... i like it :)
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    Please help me!

    asalam mulaikum dear sister have patience ... is dat girl a reverty ?... if not show ur bro the lite of islam... be calm with him as these stuffs r very complicated... may allah guide him asalm
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    help needed as soon as possible

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    help needed as soon as possible

    inshallah thank you so much... but dont in have da duty remove my frind from dark even after i know wot she's beleving is false?
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    help needed as soon as possible

    asalam brother i stay with my family but these days all r tensed coz of my mothers condition n noone will beleve me ... i do offer 5 times regulalry inshallah i will follow ur advise
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    help needed as soon as possible

    asalam mulaikum.... last nite was very horrable for me ... i don want to go deep inside this but from few months i was suffering alot i used to get blood vomits n later found out dat i have stomach ulcer. den i started medication but still was sufering den my cousin sis whos married took me...
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    Muslim Names Game

    asalam mulaikum... zaineb next B :)
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    what do you think of these?

    asalam mulaikum... i am with allah is with me and revert2007, mashallah... i used to love native deen nahseeds :)
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    This not the best way to get married

    asalam mulaikum... astegfarulah ... this world is gone completly currpted.... may allh give dem hidayah..........
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    Had serious eye accident yesterday.

    asalam mulaikum... dear brother may allah give u strenght .. inshallah ul soon get well.... we must be thank full to allah every second ... wen ever i go to shopping i see ppl on streets wothout hands , legs n some without both, blind oh allah hu akbar... may allah give us all strenght, n no...
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    Michael Jackson, Islam & the Illuminati

    asalam mulikum.... its a shame dat they have still not seen da truth on da day of judgment they'l be ashtonished.. hope they find out da truth soon
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    Quiz - Test your Islamic knowledge

    asalam mulaikum..... how r u jajakulah for sharing this i just got 5 rite :( n learnt 5 :) alhumdulilah....
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    Introducing myself!

    asalam mulaikum... dear brother im so proud of u.. quran has answer for each n every question of ur's, soon ul know dat jesus (p.b.u.h) is a prophet n mohamed (p.b.u.h) the icon of us man kind is da last prophet .... ul find out alot... the true meaning of islam ,the reason of y r we sent down...
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    Biryani for Many...

    asalm thank u sis jajakulah
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    asalm sister....... i believe da respect for anzan is to pay attention to it n answer it by offerin salah at once instead of delaying it asalam mulakum
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    What you think of Jannah!!

    aslam mulaikum sister how r u ................. i only picture jannah by da words which have been described about it in quran we cant imagine how jannah is as our lord the creator of every thing has his own way n we cant think n e thing beyond it. its totaly different n nothing of this world can...
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    With full of fear....

    asalam mulaium dear brother how r u ........... yah ur rite whn we hear about heaven n its glory we all want to enter it but da passion n desires of hel pulls us towards it .. we all must keep on thinking dat this plat form of us presntly is a jail. n as in da wordly jail we have given do's n...
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    Questions & Answers on Innovations

    asalam mulaikum............ jajakulah its a very knowledgable thread... alhumdulilah
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    Biryani for Many...

    hey sister do u know how to prepare lamp biryani plz ask aunty(ur mum) n guide me i dont know n dont have my mum in a stabled condition as shes ill from years so in short i dont have n e 1 to teach me home made stuff i see from books n make but it gets spoilt :(.................