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  1. Vandrobr

    10 Golden Rules of Cleaning

    My wife decided that the best place for a pool would be on the roof of the house. Do you think I was upset? Of course I was upset because the pool collects more rubbish than if it was on the ground. At first I hired a cleaner, but here's the catch. If you pay medium or little, he won't do his...
  2. Vandrobr

    How can I make money with cryptocurrency?

    I have some savings, I would like to start investing and earning in cryptocurrency, is there a resource that helps newbies get into it all?
  3. Vandrobr


    Hi, I'm really swamped with studies right now, I have a lot of dessert and essay writing to do, I don't have time to do it all right now, is there anywhere I can buy one?
  4. Vandrobr

    dating leads to marriage

    I broke up with a girl and now I want to start talking to new girls, I would like some advice on how best to meet girls?