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  1. HelpingSoul

    A New Member of the Forum

    Salam Alaykum i can understand ur loss sir .. please accept my condolence :)
  2. HelpingSoul

    end of gadaffi????

    i agree sister .. May Allah S.W.T protect Libya
  3. HelpingSoul

    :Rulings on interaction with disbelievers:

    yes u can but its preferable to be among ur own Group like Prophet S.A.W and his Sahabas R.A used to do
  4. HelpingSoul

    Beaten black and blue - The story of Khadijah

    Ya Allah .. this is her Test .. Allah S.W.T knows what greatness HE has stored for this Muslimah ... i wish i could donate but i am still a student :\
  5. HelpingSoul

    I am..

    Walaykum Salam inshallah sister and u also keep doing dua as this is the month where dua's are mostly accepted and also try to make he parents of the brother to let u do the nikah ..
  6. HelpingSoul

    faehima new member

    Walaykum Salam :) welcome to the forum :D i am also new haha :D May you learn a lot of things out of this forum :)
  7. HelpingSoul

    The beautiful story of Young Tamil girl converting to islaam.

    SubhanAllah .. the Muslims like these make us more proud :)
  8. HelpingSoul

    On a lighter note......

    :salam2: Thanks for the info.. atleast something for the me the defenseless prey haha ..
  9. HelpingSoul

    Are the London Riots about Class Warfare Poor vs Rich ?

    ahh.. if only Islamic law were implemented we would never have these violence ...
  10. HelpingSoul

    On a lighter note......

    well the humming army has invaded my home and its when i am on my bed to catch some rest that they attack :\ and then i switch on the defence shield :D :D
  11. HelpingSoul

    On a lighter note......

    haha .. well i have noticed the mosquitoes bite me the most :\ everytime i check i have a mosquito bite :\
  12. HelpingSoul

    Assalamu Alaikum

    :SMILY303: haha i agree :D
  13. HelpingSoul

    Salam Alaikum from Madinah

    :salam2: everyone is interested to know more :D
  14. HelpingSoul

    Salam Alaykum

    Hello Brother :) :shake: Inshallah thanks :)
  15. HelpingSoul


    :salam2: i hope They say the same to Netanyahu and his henchmen !!
  16. HelpingSoul

    Salam Alaykum

    Thanks for the welcome :) :shake:
  17. HelpingSoul

    Marrying older women

    :wasalam: Alhamdulillah Rightly said :D nice way to end the long discussion :shake:
  18. HelpingSoul

    scud missiles

    haha .. yes i know this .. we had a similar case with a certain Pervez Musharraf ... but its Upto Allah S.W.T HE guides whom HE wills so lets pray for that or there is nothing but destruction expected from the arrogant Gaddafi :angryblue:
  19. HelpingSoul

    Marrying older women

    Salam Alaykum there is nothing wrong with marrying an older women :) we have in Prophet S.A.W the best Example and his life tells that there is nothing wrong with it .. it depends on different men .. some prefer marrying older women while others dont :)
  20. HelpingSoul

    scud missiles

    :salam2: Brother think Positive ... such a thing would be disastrous for the whole Middle East Allah S.W.T give Gaddafi some Hidayat ameen