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  1. Aliya Javed


    Yes I promise. I will not tell to anyone. Allah is the witness. Now plz tell me how you do it?!
  2. Aliya Javed


    sister herb, from where do you get these interesting smileys!! :o
  3. Aliya Javed

    Sisters I'm new here!!

    Salam dear sister Khadija. Wlcm to this wonderful site :-). You must find some of the good books in There are free islamic books which may help you and inshaallah increase your religious knowledge...
  4. Aliya Javed

    Ramadan and Diabetes

    I'm so sorry sister as I'm not experienced..this is my final year, homescience studying about diabetes but I will try to learn more abt it. But as sister herb said, you must definitely consult a doctor or experienced dietitian. I also want to make a career in dietitian. It's very useful.
  5. Aliya Javed

    Healthy Broccoli

    Do you know Broccoli is a very healthy and nutritive consist of anti-oxidant and a rich source of vitamin A. Today only the maid servant bought it from the vendor. I was waiting for it for such a long time and now I can have it.
  6. Aliya Javed

    Problem New Thread

    New thread or New post?
  7. Aliya Javed

    Problem New Thread

    Assalamalaikum.Anybody please help me!!! I have joined TOI after such a long time. And now I'm seeing some changes in it. The create thread option has disappeared. So now where do I post my threads????
  8. Aliya Javed

    News Aljazeera news

    The United States has urged Egypt to pull "back from the brink" after security forces killed dozens of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi. US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to two senior members of Egypt's army-installed interim cabinet - Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei and...
  9. Aliya Javed

    live from morocco

    Half of the Ramadhan is over.:( make best use of the time. Don't waste it. Now after few days you will say Eid Mubarak not Ramadan Mubarak.;)
  10. Aliya Javed

    Quran Beautiful verse!

    You(God) cause the night to pass into day, and the day into the night; You bring forth the living from the lifeless and the lifeless from the living. You give without measure to whom You will.' Quran:chap 3, verse no.27
  11. Aliya Javed

    Sisters Assalamu-Alaikum People!:)

    Salam sister. It's good to know that you are interested in reading religious books otherwise most of them don't want to waste their time in reading it. They are mostly ignorant. Dear sister I would like to recommend a book especially for non- Muslims, the name of the book is 'Beauty of Islam'. I...
  12. Aliya Javed

    Nice story :)

    STORY -- THE MOTHER A man came to Ibn Abbas (ra) and said, “I asked for a women’s hand in marriage, and she refused me. Someone else asked for her hand and she accepted and married him. I felt jealous so I killed her. Will my repentance be accepted?” Ibn Abbas (ra) asked, “Is your mother still...
  13. Aliya Javed

    My mother saw a strange dream

    Assalam aleykum, this Ramadhan my mother saw a strange dream. It was after her tahajjud prayer. My brother was also there in her dream. Thr strange thing is that the dream ends in only one sentence. My brother calls her and says that he smelt a fragrance of Prophet David(Al) and when my mother...
  14. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    Dear sister I want an authentic hadith related to Witr prayer.if u find it then plz do inform me. ZazakAllahKhair.:)
  15. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    Even I cannot understand what was the confusion about! Sister plz elaborate.
  16. Aliya Javed

    5 Ways to soften the heart to weep to Allah

    Salam Brother, The problem with me is that sometimes I want to weep a lot while praying but I'm unable to do so. Is it because of my sins which I have committed??
  17. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    Zazaka ZazakAllahKhair sister [USER=16756]Mahzala
  18. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    ZazakAllahKhair sister Janaan for clearing my doubts.:) May Allah reward u and bless u this Ramadhan.
  19. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    Oh yes sister Eman Yousuf, I have also heard it but from my mother herself. She also prays 1 rakah Witr after Tahajjud and she already prayed 3 rakah Witr at night after Isha. I was in doubt as some did not pray Witr after Tahajjud while some prays.
  20. Aliya Javed

    Witr prayer accepted or not

    Actually I don't pray Witr after Tahajjud. So I don't know my prayer would be accepted or not. I pray 3 rakah namaz after Isha because may be I am not unable to get up early.