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  1. ahmed_indian

    "Talk to my friend"

    wa alaikum salaam mashallah well written :) you wrote this??
  2. ahmed_indian

    Hard hearts

    as salaam alaikum, Hard Hearts “Causes of hardheartedness include: turning away from Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, and not reading Qur’an; being preoccupied with this world and focusing mostly on it, and not paying attention to matters of religion, because obeying Allah, may...
  3. ahmed_indian

    kind request for dua for my father who passed away yesterday

    as salaam alaikum jazaak Allah khair all of you dear brothers...ditta, Abu Talib, ilyas_eh, Abd_Al_Hadi, strive-may-i , Ron-Kid, kashif_nazeer, Hard Rock Moslem and sisters all4islam, Muslim_Gurl, Aisya al-Humaira, Asja, IHearIslam, alf2, Seeking Allah's Mercy for your kind words and duas for...
  4. ahmed_indian

    Can someone please explain this?

    wa alaikum salaam, here are few; "He (alone) knows the Unseen, nor does He make any one acquainted with His Mysteries " (72:26) "Nor will He disclose to you the secrets of the Unseen. But He chooses of His Apostles [for the purpose]" [Sura al-Imran, verse 179]
  5. ahmed_indian

    kind request for dua for my father who passed away yesterday

    as salaam alaikum, my dad passed away on thursday morning. he had colon cancer. alhamdulillah we were able to conduct salah janaza after salah jumuah. i kindly request you to please make a small dua in your hearts for Allah's forgiveness and mercy on him. also, i had a question. Messenger...
  6. ahmed_indian

    surely Allah tests you in every situation !!!!!

    wa alaikum salaam, may Allah give her sabr and a offspring who will be the coolness of their eyes. ameen
  7. ahmed_indian

    Need your prayers ;(

    wa alaikum salaam, may Allah help you sister and ease your difficulties and separate you from worries like He separated east from west. ameen
  8. ahmed_indian

    Dua Request please

    wa alaikum salaam, may Allah help you and ease ur difficulties. ameen and may Allah make her His righteous servant. did you try to find out why she changed? is it due to frustration of the pasts or some bad company? you can try to provide her some Islamic books based on spirituality and...
  9. ahmed_indian

    Hearing unlike Seeing

    as salaam alaikum, jazaak Allah khairan for the wonderful article.
  10. ahmed_indian

    My story! (Please note this is not a conversion story)

    wa alaikum salaam sis, the way you wrote, the pain through which you went (and maybe still going) can be well understood. i wonder how many readers read your post without their eyes shedding tears. its one of the blessing of Allah that you being so young have such solid iman in such...
  11. ahmed_indian

    Hawd of Kawthar...SubhanAllah

    jazaak Allah khair. and ameen to ur duas ^
  12. ahmed_indian

    HELP -- Need Advice on my Trials

    wa alaikum salaam, Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Islam began as something strange; and it will return as something strange. Paradise is for the Strangers." His companions (ra) then asked: ‘who are the Strangers, oh Rasool-Allah?’ He (saw) replied: 'Those who forbid the evil when the people...
  13. ahmed_indian

    Salam my question is do you view secularism a secular state and the separation of religion and state

    wa alaikum salaam, Allah also ruled that those rulers who do not rule by what Allah sent down are unbelievers, wrongdoers, and rebellious. He says: "And he who does not rule by what Allah sent down, it is they who are the disbelievers." (5:44) And He says: "And he who does not rule by what...
  14. ahmed_indian

    Marriage - I just don't get it...

    wa alaikum salaam bro, This hadeeth was narrated by Muslim (145) from Abu Hurayrah who said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”...
  15. ahmed_indian

    Question regarding qiyam al layl.

    wa iyyak bro :) we are praying 8 rakats in taraweeh and then 6 (plus 3 witr) in qiyam layl.
  16. ahmed_indian

    Question regarding qiyam al layl.

    wa alaikum salaam, its same but can be used separately as well. like here in saudi arabia, we pray *taraweeh* after isha and *qiyam layl* couple of hours before fajr.
  17. ahmed_indian

    Solat Istikharah

    wa alaikum salaam, sister, two advices for u: 1. more on salah istikhara: pls read this: 2. going for dinner with ur colleague, dates are not allowed in Islam. if you want to meet and talk with him to see whether you both really click, you can arrange a...
  18. ahmed_indian

    what to do when you feel life going down and sadness?

    wa alaikum salaam, there are many things to remind oneself in times of difficulties, some of them could be: 1. understanding that Allah is All Knowing, All Wise, Most Justful and Most Merciful 2. reading Quran and hadiths 3. the Life in Hereafter is the Life indeed 4. that this...
  19. ahmed_indian

    Need some help from sisters: a problem finding abayas that fit!

    as salaam alaikum, sister, did u try googling...buying abayas online plus size?