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    I miss you all.....

    assalamu alaikum~ my choto bhai, i am so touched by your letter it made me cry. you are one of the most blessed person that Allah swt kept you in right path. i am so proud of you my choto bhai, that you are following the true islam even though facing ample hardships. i know are going through so...
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    Sister leaving Islam help

    assalamu alaikum, i really feel sorry and sad when i find my converted sisters marry to non practicing muslims. the people, non practicing muslims they are not only far of islam but they even oppose islam and mostly, they criticize and mock the practicing muslims. i know a similar story. i know...
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    is today the nite?

    it was really a different night yes, sister, i felt very very spacial and peaceful on the night of 23rd this year. i was asking myself ' is it the night'? it rained a little bit , i was watching the sky, it was very very beautiful and peaceful in the deep dark of the night. i have never seen...
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    Thats not hijab!!

    thanks to sister muslimah 86 for her wise, kind and nice answer.that's the way of islam showing respect to others before giving advice to someone. I learn many things from your post. May Allah swt reward you for your nice and humble effort, May Allah swt grant us tawfeeq to be humble in each...
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    Makkah & Madeenah PiCs ..

    jazakallahu khairun sister, for those nice pictures. i think those are the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen. it's my dream i will be there someday to the holy land where i can visit baitullah, prophet (s) mosque and all other places, i can smell the memories of our dearest prophet (s)...
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    Aslam o Alikum :) Guess wat ? Im BACK!

    nice to see you back home brother, i was thinking about you. what's happened to you, thought went pakistan to marry, lol ........... i am so happy that you were that holy land makka and madina. thanks for the pictures....... i wish i would be there oneday. then see you.
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    Marwa Sherbini: The Hijab Martyr

    innalillahi wainna ilaihi raziun. my heart is crying to hear this incident. may allah swt grant our sister jannatul ferdaus. ameen
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    I just converted!!!

    congratulatoins sister, you are most blessed one. we pray May Allah swt keep you in right path. ameen
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    Salam from Makkah

    May Allah bless you brother, we do hope and pray, inshaallah, oneday we will be there,to the holly land to perform hajj.
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    Allahu akbar! thanks to Allah subhanallhu wataala who showed his mercy and blessing to you showing you the right path. may Allah swt increase your iman and shower his rahma on you. we are so proud of you sister.
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    Ramadan Fasting Tablet Wrong?

    assalamu alaikum, thanks for your thread brother, but i think i am not gonna take it cause it seems like, it will drive away all the peace from my heart, the peace i feel during the month of ramadan. it's just my opinion, ignore it if you don't like. i think respected brothers and sisters will...
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    I had a car accident yesterday

    if we are on the street and drive car, accident happens. alhamdulillah, you weren't hurt. say thanks to allah subhanallahu wataala for saving you. we pray that allah swt grant peace in your heart.
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    waalaikumus salam, welcome to TTI, hope you enjoy your stay and benefit from it.
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    A meeting WITH ALLAH!!!

    jazakallahu khairan sister, it's soooooooooo beautiful, i can't express in word. it made me cry, thanks for your beautiful doa. May our entire ummah get his mercy and forgiveness to reach to him.
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    Ramadan Mubarak to All!!!

    jazakallahu khairun sister for the reminder and wishing. we wish we can have a ramadan ~full of blessings and barakah from allah subhanallahu wataala . i hope we can pray a lot of nafel salah (offcource with fard and wajib),tilawat of quran and lots of zikr, everyday, we pray for the peace and...
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    What Do Muslims Think About Jesus?

    brother, waalaikum salam, we don't see anything, any link or any article
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    Friday time

    you are lucky you already prayed jummah salam brother, how are you doing? i envy you cause you already prayed jummah, we still will have to wait for 13 hours. about the "gusl " brother, i know it's sunnah. tomorrow after jummah i will ask our grand mufti and imam bokhari inshallah. then take...
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    Friday time

    jazakallahu khair brother for your very very important reminder. we love our prophet(s) than anything . inshallah, we will do it as much as we can . may allah swt reward you.
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    thanks for reminding, tomorrow is friday
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    What I'm made up of!

    thanks brother. mashaallah,it's a nice poem. may allah (swt ) reward you and grant you barakah on your daily life and keep you on the right path.