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  1. melissa123

    Psychopath test

    i thought she found out her sister was married to the guy, and got really mad and killed her.... twisted, but not as twisted as those of u who got it right!
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    Im from Australia and you...

    cool, i didnt know there were this many australians here!!!
  3. melissa123

    Im from Australia and you...

    assalamu alaikoum, Im from south Australia too
  4. melissa123

    A brother in Need...

    signed! what is he being deported for though?
  5. melissa123

    What can Muslims do to...?

    assalamu alaikoum, I have thought about this topic, and I had a really good idea from a video I saw about a community in Melbourne who had a mosque open day. They advertised it at local churches too, and it was quiet successful. Even priests attended. Anway, me and a few friends are trying to...
  6. melissa123

    Exclusive: 'Fatah, Hamas will join ranks if IDF raids Gaza'

    Assalamu alaikoum, I still just dont like it so much how the Palestinians are divided, even though they face such difficulties as it is, from Israelis etc. They are making it harder for peace to be achieved, and for themselves to gain their land back..... All muslims should be united...
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    New Member

    Assalamu Alaikoum, Welcome to the site, and I hope that you may get as much benifit from it as I have :)
  8. melissa123

    Convert to islam

    Assalamualaikoum, mashaAllah, these are such nice stories :) thanks for sharing them
  9. melissa123

    The Secret

    Assalamualaikoum, Thankyou for this niced post :) Good reminder
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    I did Shahadah

    Assalamu Alaikoum sister! I have followed your threads for so long,because I found them so interesting, and seriously, just then I got tears in my eyes from reading this, and trust me, I do not get tears very often, and I have read a lot of stories :) Im so happy for you :) MashaAllah, and...
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    The love of Allah

    Opps, im not sure why my reply is up the top? Does anyone else see it like that?
  12. melissa123

    The love of Allah

    Assalamu Alaikoum, Thankyou for sharing that story, its nice :)
  13. melissa123

    What Was the Best Time in Your Life?

    Assalamu alaikoum, The one I can remember was when my little brother was born, I was so excited I ran around the house, and couldnt stop talking about it!!! And then when I took Shahada finally. It was a nice feeling after that, although at that point I didnt know the difference it would make...
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    Assalamu alaikoum, Oops sorry I didnt say salam to you either. Sorry!! I was just thinking too much about the question. Walaikoum salam waramatullah wabarakatuh
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    I think it means that because dice are used in gambling, so if you use them for gambling it applies. Perhaps as a metaphor so it also applies to other forms too. Such as card games etc.
  16. melissa123

    Taking that step...

    Assalamu alaikoum sis, Congratulations! i think the first thing you should know is the principle belief of Muslims- "La illaha illalla, Muhammad ur rasul Allah" Which means, the only diety worthy of worship is Allah (God) and Muhammed is his messenger. Quiet simple and logical really...
  17. melissa123

    Asalaamalayakum!! ^^ <3

    What kind of youth club? I personally would LOVE if there was some kind of youth club near me where they talked about Islam, Muslim youth, problems encountered, how to avoid haram situations. Introductions to Arabic would be cool, also, beginners info about Islam, for reverts and muslims who...
  18. melissa123

    Asalaamalayakum!! ^^ <3

    Salam bro user expired, Lol, yes, down under. We are both reverts too! Anyway I wont talk for my bro :P Hes pretty cool himself by the way. A good Muslim guy :P Wasslam PS, the Dawahs pretty alright
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    Asalaamalayakum!! ^^ <3

    PS thanks bro :P
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    Asalaamalayakum!! ^^ <3

    Assalamu Alaikoum my brother (i.l) you know what that stands for :) Welcome to this heaps cool site and InshaAllah you wil gain as much knowledge from here as I have! Wassalam, Your sister in islam (and f.i.l.)