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  1. a_muslimah86

    I Really Miss You...:(

    Assalamo Alaikom Brothers & Sisters I ask Allah that you are all in the best state of Iman and well-being And I apologize for joining the conversation a bit too late..I hope that I am forgiven by brother helpinghumanity specifically for this.. I have been doing really well alhamdulillah..just...
  2. a_muslimah86

    70 Matters Related to Fasting (Ramadhan)

    :salam2: With just under 3 weeks left for is yet again time for this thread to be bumped... May Allah bless us all and guide to worshiping Him during it with utmost sincerity..ameen ameen ameen :wasalam:
  3. a_muslimah86

    ...but she owns a dog.

    :salam2:'s sad but the sister really doesn't have a strong case.. a poodle is NOT a guard dog (I think you know this well)'s not the kind of breed for that purpose..I forgot the word used for them..but they're considered the same as the little dogs women in high societies stuff in...
  4. a_muslimah86

    New Job Wants Me To Trim My Beard. What Do I Do?

    :salam2: It is *incredible* how many mufti-wanna-be's we have on this site!!!.. Fear Allah!!!... "And say not concerning that which your tongues put forth falsely: "This is lawful and this is forbidden," so as to invent lies against Allah. Verily, those who invent lies against Allah will...
  5. a_muslimah86

    singapore? indonasia? thailand????????????

    :salam2: Alright...let's refrain from nit-picking and diverting the thread off its original topic..the sister asked for help in making a decision..and that matter should be *respected*...any reply made that will take the thread off topic will be please abide to this warning hadakom...
  6. a_muslimah86

    U.S is responsible for Egypt´s election joke

    :salam2: Muslims...we just *love* to toss our dirt at other people don't we??? If a joke was being pulled in *any* country!!!...I'm pretty sure with some *ardency*..*sincerity*..and *unity* the *citizens* of *that* country can stop "laughing" and cut the lame joke or jokes...
  7. a_muslimah86

    The Scholar and the labourer

    Baraka Allah feek and jazak Allah khair akhi :wasalam:
  8. a_muslimah86

    singapore? indonasia? thailand????????????

    :salam2: I believe you should *triple* if not *quadruple* check the *validity* of this prize first..sadly..there are many companies out there who trick people into bothersome and costly time-shares or into making purchases for *non-existent* prizes! check the validity of the prize before...
  9. a_muslimah86

    What happened to TTI?

    :salam2: In the midst of a conversation once with my shaikh-teacher during class..I shared the fact about my participating and being a moderator on an Islamic forum to give an example for an issue we were discussing.. He stopped me and looked *horrified* at hearing that...and kept asking me...
  10. a_muslimah86

    The Scholar and the labourer

    :salam2: Mashallah...a nice story indeed.. but I wish that the *name of the book* was cited so everyone knows where it came from and they benefit even more no akhi? :-) :wasalam:
  11. a_muslimah86

    Moderation in All Affairs

    :salam2: incredibly meaningful hadith... Jazaka Allah khair for bringing it for us akhi and baraka Allah feek for thoroughly citing its source (something many people consider not of much importance) :wasalam:
  12. a_muslimah86

    Salatul Tasbih

    :salam2: Why do you think it is *refutation* when it can be *correction?*..even one is being refuted..if they're being refuted for the sake of knowing the truth or the correct thing..then alhamdulillah for that..that's something to be thankful for..and one way of showing thanks is to *read* such...
  13. a_muslimah86

    I'm losing my losing my faith..

    :salam2: Sobhanallah sister..I think you're just being hard on yourself.. First of all did you know that there are *types* of *Sunnah???*...there's: Sunnah Qawliyya (Verbal Sunnah)..a Sunnah Fe'eliyya (Practical Sunnah)..a Sunnah Taqreeriyya (Agreeable Sunnah)..a Sunnah Khalqiyya (Physical...
  14. a_muslimah86

    loosing my religion

    :salam2: We're neither angels nor prophets or messengers so we'd maintain our iman at a certain point..we're the fallible beings who have to struggle time and time again to break the chains of fitan around them..sometimes our hearts tremble upon hearing a name of Allah..and sometimes we recite...
  15. a_muslimah86

    Rugya in Germany

    :salam2: I live in the U.S. so I obviously won't be of much help..unfortunately..however I thought I should point out that it is agreed that the best and most effective form of Ruqya is that done by the affected person him/herself for him/herself...unless their situation is too extreme (i.e...
  16. a_muslimah86

    ~~Please help, new convert needs advice!~~

    :salam2: Well sister..I will tell you this much.. The Prophet (peace be upon him) once took the hand of a Bedouin and began to teach him of what Allah has taught The Prophet..and amongst the things he said to that man was this... "You do not leave a thing out of fear of Allah, unless Allah...
  17. a_muslimah86

    The challenge of fasting over 18 hours in Sweden

    :salam2: They should look at the bright least they have cooler weather in general..unlike the Iraqis..who experienced average temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) the *NORTH* of Iraq (which is considered *cooler* than the *rest of the country*)...and they...
  18. a_muslimah86

    Please clarify when to stop eating suhoor...

    :salam2: sobhanallah..I guess it was good that I kept the rebuttal link nearby..Inshallah the issue will be resolved soon akhi..and if you need more help..then I am willing to help you in the manner I suggested to you in the PM Oh and one more thing akhi.. You know I normally don't like to...
  19. a_muslimah86

    Please clarify when to stop eating suhoor...

    :salam2: Akhi if the site got censored it's likely that it is one of the domains with a questionable Islamic methodology..and TTI has banned referral to it as to not promote its methodology..if it is not too much of a hassle for you..and you don't mind..please PM me the domain name and I will...
  20. a_muslimah86

    Being Dipped

    wa iyyaki dear sister :-) :salam2: