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    Some refreshment

    :salam2: JazakaAllahu Khayran sister. I would love to see threads like this everyday on TTI. InshaAllah.:hearts:
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    Time managment?

    :salam2: My advise would be the Hadeeth of RasululAllah:saw:, that he advised to Fatima (ra) and Ali bin abi Talib (ra) to say SubhanaAllah 33, Alhamdullilah 33 times, and Allahuakbar 34 times. Everynight before you sleep. InshaAllah, your day will go smooth and more blessed.
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    Prayer can do a lot:

    :salam2: :hearts:Salaat. JazakaAllahu khayran.
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    Amazing advice for success! Sheikh Maghamsy

    :salam2: JazakaAllahu Khayran, indeed, A great advice. May Allah help us to act up on them.:tti_sister:
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    The Blind Father and His Son Salem - True Story

    :salam2: JazakaAllah khayran for sharing, a great lesson.
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    10 Reasons We Should Memorise the Qur'an

    :salam2: JakaAllahu khayran, may Allah help us to become hafiz:tti_sister:
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    Another one of my sunshine lollipops and rainbow posts

    :salam2: :ma::ma:May Allah make it easy for you.:tti_sister:
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    91 year old Egyptian women who dedicated her life to teaching Quran.

    :salam2: :ma: She is blessed, May Allah reward her Janatul Firsdows. May Allah give her full health to keep up:tti_sister: Very lovely :hearts:
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    Passers by ignore Chinese toddler crushed by traffic storyful

    salam2::SMILY23::SMILY23: SubhanaAllah.:astag:
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    Colors of Autumn

    :salam2: :ma:Cool! :hearts:
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    personality test

    :salam2: :ma:It make sense. Jazakallah khayran.
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    personality test

    :salam2:sister. This post make me smile. I like reading your threads full of knowledge. May Allah bless you and your family. I am INFJ. 44,12,38,67.
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    Need your help please!!!!

    :salam2: I pray for you and your family sister. have sabr, it is not easy I can only imagine because years back my son had eye surgery it was really hard. Remember Allah is with the sabireen. (inaAllah ma3a sabireen. in surah Baqara).:tti_sister:
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    Coping with the death of your beloved

    :salam2: :jazaak:
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    Coping with the death of your beloved

    :salam2::jazaak: to all. (May Allah reward you with good for the kind reply).
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    Coping with the death of your beloved

    :salam2: Inalilahi-waina-Ilahi-raji'un. The passing of my uncle, brother, aunt, and specially my dear father, make me think a lot about death even though we should think of it more. The hadeethies and the Quran tells us. Every soul shall tast death. I have read this article in Aljumuah...
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    are you Ideal Muslimah...let us see..

    :salam2: A great book, JazakaAllah khayran for sharing.
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    Running Away From the Qur'aan

    :salam2: So true
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    You're in a prison and..

    :salam2: Intresting, :ma: same books.