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    you are most welcome to this site and hope you will do the best to get benefited by this site, wish you good luck..
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    Is is ok to attend a wedding of a Non-Muslim in a church

    One can join wedding of non Muslims but should avoid certain things which is very common in now a days life like having wine dancing etc. and one should also be bear in mind that the food they are serving is halal or not, what is his source of income and all that.....Jazakallah khair....
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    As'salamoalaikum, sakeena my sister in Islam glad tidings to are most welcome may allah bless you with all you want and guide you with his noor (light)Allah giudes those who seeks for his guideness....
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    Asalaam alikum warehmatullahi wabrakatuhu

    Inshallah,sure you are most welcome to this site...
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    plz help inshallah

    Wa'alaikumasalaam wa'rehmatullahi wa'barakatuhu..sister Sarah..i think best way to teach your children is to teach yourself...i mean do something which can be beneficial for you as well as for your children simultaneously...start reading some good books rather than visiting any Islamic site only...
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    Hello everyone!

    [I][B]As' all of you brothers and sisters in islam...i am new to this site...and hope to find it intresting...