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    muslima and chritian the the same time !!!

    It's not entirely unheard of. I've seen someone say they believe entirely in the Qur'an but also suggest that Jesus(pbuh) also could have been/was the son of God(swt) also. And in my state there was a "church" or some other religious establishment that took the best of all the religions and put...
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    Share your funny convert stories

    Mine was yesterday at Jumu'ah, actually. I was sitting, anticipating the khutbah and all that good stuff and a Brother behind me started praying. Well, he ran into me on the left, so I moved a little to the right to be sure I was out of his way. Well... AFTER the khutbah, we resumed the Salah...
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    As-salaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters! I have a simple question. I know it is Sunnah for males to grow a beard and all that. And I could possibly be getting a job that would require me to shave my cheeks (from what the gentleman said). And it includes keeping the sideburns not past the...
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    Assalaamu alaikum, brothers and sisters. Can someone tell me the definition of Kaffirs and how Muslims are supposed to interact with them? Like a pretty broad range of things there. Haha. Thanks. May Allah's peace be with you all. -Faruq
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    Good topic! I don't know what I'd do! The idea is so wonderfully abstract. I think I agree with the others who said they'd visit the prophets. Insha'Allah.
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    Allah has Willed it

    Assalaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, It gives me a wonderful feeling now to truly recognize you all as my brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah has willed me to be a Muslim and today I took Shahadah! Al-hamdulillah! -Brother Faruq/Tyler
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    How to Deal with Christians and Jews

    As-salaamu Alaikum, This shouldn't be such a difficult topic, but how should I go about in working around Jews and Christians when they say blasphemies about Islam? I've seen many horrible things said about this religion and I don't like it. Should I correct them, argue, ignore it or what...
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    Hey I'm new!

    Salaamu Alaikum. :SMILY259:
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    Which country??

    Palestine or Iraq. 'nuff said.
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    A Twist Of Faith

    Makes me think of a time I was speeding and driving almost erratically to get home. I look back and hamdulillah that the cop pulled me over. I could've been the culprit of a good friend's murder. Or my death! Hamdulillah. We have to watch out for each other! -Faruq/Tyler
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    I'm sure it's been said earlier...

    But is there a reason why I can't reply to messages for another several hundred hours? -Faruq/Tyler
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    Converts: Feelings of guilt?

    Brother, I'm gonna feel bad if I have to disobey my mom's order to not convert and say Shahadah, because "I'm not responsible, out on my own" yet. It's upsetting to think I will have to disobey the one who gave birth to me. But it'd be much more upsetting to disobey the one who gave life to me...
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    Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

    Wa alaikum salaam. I knew about the creation of Israel in 1948. And how angry it would be to have all that land taken away from your homeland and given to someone else with nothing in return. But how did it escalate?
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    Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

    I'd like to know what that is/was all about. I'm thinking American media hasn't given an unbiased story or the whole facts. But even then, I'm not sure as to why it all started. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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    Names meaning

    Faruq Abdurrashid WILL be my Muslim name, inshallah. Faruq means "One who distinguishes truth from falsehood." and Abdurrashid means "Slave of the Guide, the Infallible Teacher and Knower." I chose it because in my Catholic theology class asserted that "Jesus was the truth, the way, and the...
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    alSalam alykum...

    Wa'alaikum salaam. Of course you'd be welcomed Sister. I'm sure you know well that the ummah is vital to Islam. :SMILY149:
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    Brother in a bit of Trouble

    I'd like to thank you all for your comments and support. There is a profound joy I feel in the ummah, even if it's a small portion of it over the internet. I really am moved and feel I should discuss with my mother my thoughts and feelings once more, in hopes of her understanding. -Tyler/Faruq
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    Brother in a bit of Trouble

    That there, really made me think. I had thought to myself "What if I don't see tomorrow?" (which is, of course, a possibility.) Thank you for the advice. Perhaps I return in a day or a week as Faruq Abdurrashid, the Muslim brother (Inshallah) and not Tyler, the hopeful!
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    Brother in a bit of Trouble

    Salaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I'm an ex-Catholic, who stumbled across the beauty of Islam by accident. (Or so it would seem.) And after nine months of hiding my thoughts and feelings from my mother, I finally told her how I felt and how I was called. She didn't quite seem to realize...