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    Cigarette Smoking - Is it Haraam (unlawful) in Islaam ?

    I no longer smoke... But the non-smoker must realize that addiction makes quitting so very difficult. Smoking as a habit is easily associated with various other activities and action, not all of which are harmful... if we begin to then count the chemical addiction of the cigarettes and the...
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    SMOKING !!!

    What does smoking and Israel have in common? From my perspective, nothing.
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    sort of new member

    Hi boot... I would advise you to keep your prayers, and/or to pray regularly, however you currently do so. Though some may disagree with me on the particulars, I believe that the most important thing to do is to communicate, pray, meditate with God - Allah - and to do so seeking guidance. Ask...
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    The Death of The Prophet Muhammad

    I found this thread very moving. Thanks for posting it.
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    non-muslim here

    Why is it "utterly disgusting" when Muslims say God instead of Allah (swt)? Allah was an Arabic word before Islam... it is not a word brought by Islam. God and Allah, in my opinion, are just words... I think the spirit and attitude with which we address and invoke God are far more important...
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    The struggle of a prospective convert

    As-salamu 'alaykum... Thank you all for your input... I'm just at a crossroads in my life... I know it... I can feel it. I can feel that my future will be decided soon. See, I am just finishing grad school... I'm probably going to have to move to find work, and I am not sure how or where...
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    New member

    Hello, and greetings. Your English is just fine... why, you're using contractions and even substituting a number for a word like an experienced text messager! I've seen some English speakers write worse! It's a great opportunity you have to study overseas. Make the most of it! Anyway, God...
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    The struggle of a prospective convert

    :salam2: I've been struggling with the idea of converting for some time. I've studied Islam academically as a grad student in history, and I've studied the Qur'an with my mentor in school. I think my knowledge of Islam is workable, while I know I am not experienced in it, and that I have not...
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    I'm doing (well planning) on doing my Senior project on Islam..

    I'd be happy to help you with a bibliography, etc., and to advise you in any way on the paper. I am interested in projects like these, because I think they're really important in this day and age, when so many people misunderstand and are bigoted toward Islam. I hope that you do well, and dispel...
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    converting for sake of love

    :salam2: First, I am responding to this thread because I am an American who is soon to convert to Islam myself - but I certainly don't know what you're going through as far as marriage goes, so I can't empathize there... Let me just briefly share with you my experience in religion, and a...
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    How to define 'jihad' and apply to one's life?

    I have heard different things from different people, all of whom insist they are right... It's important to me to understand what is meant by 'jihad'.
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    Is the Bible Violent?

    As-salam 'alaykum: Christians, Jews and the non-religious alike will sometimes attempt to assail Islam by pointing out the violence in the Qur'an, therefore throwing up their hands and saying that "since there's violence in the Qur'an, then Islam must be violent!" I know that neither Islam...
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    I Can't Make Hummus

    alkathiri - that video was cool. I am going to follow that guy's recipe.
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    Interested in Arabic Calligraphy!

    I've collected a few pieces that I found at auctions... Kufic script... I think that script is really beautiful for its simplicity. Even ebay has some stuff. A friend of mine made al-Fatiha in the image of the spiral minaret in Sammara out of Kufic script... he sold it at an art festival...
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    Having been raised a Catholic, and then having taken to evangelical Christianity in my youth, I was thoroughly indoctrinated. I suppose the one good thing about that was that I met God this way, and he never let me go. I then went away to college for many years. My worldview crumbled. I could...
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    Eward W Said - Orientalism

    As-Salamu 'Alaykum: I am familiar with Orientalism. It is a very heavy but important book. You should read it carefully. It will serve you well. Said's theory is much maligned by Western scholars, of course. It draws heavily from post-modern theories of texts, knowledge, and discourses. It...
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    I Can't Make Hummus

    We Americans might call it a dip. And a Middle-Easterner would probably slap me for calling it that. But it's still a dip. And it's good. :SMILY129:
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    Did evolution really happened?

    As-salamu 'alaykum, Ibn Azem. You are right about my using the phrase "devil's advocate." I won't use it, and it should not be used. Nevertheless, my trust in Allah and my certainty of the perfection and sacredness of his word - al-Qur'an - is in no way in question. However, I only believe...
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    Did evolution really happened?

    I am not denigrating anyone's post... But allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment. I wonder what the Qur'an says about the following things. What do you think about vestigial organs and body parts, which are found in many creatures, even humans? We have the remnants of a tail, it would...
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    I Can't Make Hummus

    :salam2: I love hummus. But I'm not sure how to make it... So many recipies leave so much to be desired, and the boxed stuff is awful. Mine always comes out all chunky and not spicy enough. And the tahini paste I used is like cement... It's so hard and difficult to get whipped up with the...