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  1. yasak80

    Need Help to raise my iman

    salam brother, At least you are aware what you are doing. People do not pray and think that it is ok. So, there is a chance to be forgiven inshaallah. I feel the same sometimes. But there should be something you do wrong. I find this similar with getting fat. For example, if you are getting...
  2. yasak80

    salamun aleykum sister, how are you ? ı went to italy for one week:)

    salamun aleykum sister, how are you ? ı went to italy for one week:)
  3. yasak80

    Has Your Heart Died?

    jazakkallahu hayran kesiyra thanks for reminding
  4. yasak80

    Ahl as-sunnat belief
  5. yasak80

    40 days dua

    asslamu aleykum sister, You can not read any surah from Quran when you are in period. So, note the number you have come and start after you are clean. If these prays are for marriage, I will pray too:)
  6. yasak80

    The Great Women behind Great Men

    jazakallahu hayran kesiyra sister for reminding :) :blackhijab:
  7. yasak80

    mother doesn't have hope for me

    salam sister, With patience and pray we should want , but if not happens think that behind it there would be many bad results.... for having children and marriage we should want what is best for us. 3 years ago, I was working in a same bank with a woman who was 50 , she was so...
  8. yasak80

    I am a muslim from Uyghur!

    salam brother, welcome,I am from Turkey. Your language is very similar to us I know. Uygurs are one of the Turk nations , I think so?
  9. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    since it should not be imagine like a birthday party it does not matter dead or live. Becauce it is only a rememberance. Yes totally right, end is approaching sister. Well I just want to anounce that I did not blame any muslim here. You want to show the right way. But I am sure it is...
  10. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    jazakallahu hayran kesiyra sister.
  11. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    brother really people dont understand me.. I say I do not follow blindly.I searched about it. I know what do you mean, it was not happening in the past. It is not allowed ... But birthday is a thing which is not related with islam. So there are too many innovation. Like tv, computer...
  12. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    of course I like TTI . I read , searched And I DONT BELIVE that Mawlid is bidah.And there are milions of muslims like me. I am 31 years old sister. In the age of mine,nobody should wait from me to understand some one's thoughts and obey if one deletes my thread in domination without my view...
  13. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    Thank you brother. I found really good friends here. But I can not stand their blames to many muslims....
  14. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    ‘And send salaam on him the day he was born, and the day he dies and the day he will be raised up to life (again).’ (Q.19:15) innovation on islam is forbidden.It is bidah.For example if someone prays without hijab and says that nobody is here so we can pray like that. It is bidah it is...
  15. yasak80

    Good bye - Mawlid Prophet Muhammad

    My thread was deleted related with Mawlid ( our birthday of prophet) It is celebrated most of Muslim countries.It was written by true Ahli sunnah wal jaamaat... This is my duty to say What I know... pls search this site what you find harmful So, I have seen some threads which is very...
  16. yasak80

    Good evening! from the UK!

    Welcome sister, I know very well what it means to desire to wear hijab but to be not able to do it. Inshallah if you wish deep inside , Allah makes it easy to you by throwing the difficulties.... wassalam :tti_sister:
  17. yasak80

    From Indonesia

    welcome brother Endonesia comes to me like it is the best for living islam....
  18. yasak80

    Signs of Qiyamah - Doomsday - The Informative Facts

    yea , :( Allah knows the best
  19. yasak80

    importance of salah ( prayer)

    Assalamu alaeykum
  20. yasak80

    "Allah's plan is the best plan" thread

    waalaykumasslam sister, Thanks for your good thread.... I can give you example from my life. I was working and in my vacation I was going to go to Czech Republic with my sister and one of couple whom my sister knows. there was a baby of this couple. We chose a travel agency which they...