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    :bismillah1: Dear brothers & sisters I have past thread, may be 1-2 years ago. I wish to trace the threads which had been posted. Wassalam
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    :salam2: Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam I have just started a Company registered as Cargo Mobil Pte Ltd, Singapore. My Company is Import, Export & Manufacturers' Representative. I am dealing from school/office stationeries to general cargo. I would prefer to do business with our...
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    Joining the Website - New Members Information

    26 September 2008 I am already a member. I just want to let our our Muslim brothers & sisters that I have just established a Company, an Import/Export & Manufacturers' Representatives. I am dealing with from school stationery to office stationery, curry powders, frozen food like samosas &...
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    Who S the best quran redication plz....

    WHO IS THE BEST QURAN RECITER :salam2: Dear Brothers & Sisters Please do not ask this type of question. One may differs from others and it is relative. You may like so & so, I may like so & so. The fact is Quran is meant to read, recite on your own and teach others. The Furqan is...
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    Dubai ruler in vast charity gift

    CHARITABLE ORGANISATION :salam2: :bismillah: I am working for charitable organisation in Singapore, providing Children's Home for juvenile offences and neglected and those beyond parental care. On top of that we also run Health & Day Care Centre for Senior Citizen and we have our own...
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    :salam2: :bismillah: Dear brother Ibrahim, I can understand your pains and I am joining duas with other brothers and sisters. Allah knows where your daughter is. Keep asking from Him and place your duas in the sujood and before salam. Keep us inform, ya akhi.
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    Do u need to make wudu b4 reading the quran?

    Do u need to wudu b4 reading the Quran :salam2: :bismillah: I am also puzzled about this; but I ask myself, is it the paper, is it the ink, is it the cover or is it writing scared. Which is which? The wahyu (Allah's words) is definitely sacred. Now after asking those questions...
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    questions posed by non muslims

    :salam2: :bismillah: Dear Sis It is correct, the Prophet SAW did say, something like this : 1. If you have in debts, be quick to return it, 2. If there is a deceased(mayit), be quick to bury him and 3. If you have a daughter and when someone asks for her, be quick to accept the...
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    Would you marry a sister in purdah

    :salam2: :bismillah: Dear Sis I am definitely behind you. There is nothing wrong in wearing purdah. Let me tell you something - there was man who wanted to marry a pros. His idea was to safe this pros from going further stray. So he proposed to marry this woman and placed a condition...
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    Daughter not keen on Hijab

    Daughter not keen on Jilbab :salam2: Dear Zulmh Continue doa for them. The best place to put your doa is in your:salah: last sujood and before salaam. If I am not wrong, you can find in saheeh Bohari or Muslim. InsyAllah, your prayers will be answered.:hawla: :salah:
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    Why 2nd wife?

    2nd wife :SMILY346: ASSALAMUALAIKUM DEAR BROTHERS/SISTERS This is one of those tough question. I would love to have 2nd wife but in my country we have to seek permission from our 1st wife then only the office of Khadi will approve it. And it is not easy to convince our wife. Wassalam
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    ASSALAMUALAIKUM BRO ZULMH I wish to point regarding your solat Taraweeh. The word Taraweeh means 'relax'. As according to Sunnah (perform by the Prophet SAW), he only did 8 and followed by the solat witr. It is logical, to perform 8, bro Zulmh nowadays, we will be tired of circumstances...
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    24 May 2007 I do not whether I should answer a salaam to a non-muslim who give me the salaam as what we do to other Muslims. I need answers according to Quran and the Hadith. Please assist.