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    Pat Robertson: Muslims = Nazis

    Isn't he the same joker who claimed that Obama was a muslim and that if Obama won the last election, it would mean that Obama's God (muslim God) is bigger than his God (Christian God).. He does not even know that its the same God.... A very foolish man indeed.
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    Italian city fines woman for wearing burqa

    I have never lived in a muslim country and have no intentions of doing so either (becuase of different reasons). It will be interesting though, if all muslim countries make the niqab (or the head cap for men) mandatory. I am sure all the so called 'fair' news channels such as CNN, MSNBC or...
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    Ha ha, I hit 'em': Top secret video showing U.S. helicopter pilots killing civillians

    I wouldn't worry about that.. Haven't u heard of the psychological state of these soldiers coming back to US? What goes around , comes around. The suicide rate of those coming back from Iraq is the highest seen so far.
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    The Importance and Merit of Making Dua

    Isn't it amazing that Allah "GUARANTEES" to listening to all our prayers in the Quran? - Alhamdulillah
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    Support Our Troops Or You Are Unpatriotic

    I am always fascinated by reverts and I salute you for your choice (of selecting Islam as your religion). I guess you guys have a better perspective on Islam than we do (for those who are born muslims). Allah knows best.
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    Quest to be on the top.

    Alhmadulillah.... Very nice article.
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    Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert in Chicago

    Ummmmmm. U need help brother... Go and see a doctor or talk to someone. The answer to all problems is not violence. Salam
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    Village 'witches' beaten in India

    Alhamdulillah.. I really like the way you responded to the baseless allegations of someone who has no idea of what Indian muslims are like. In addition to what you said, I also would like to point out that India has a significant number of Ulemas/scholars. Moreover the 10% figure of muslims in...
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    hmmmm halloween! truth is hard

    Thanks.. This was informative. Jazakallah
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    This is shameful... May Allah show us the right path. Ameen
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    Death toll past 100 in Baghdad bombings

    This is shameful.... Muslims killing muslims... Shame on all of us and may Allah guide us all. Ameen
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    CIA agents from all world descend on Pak border

    A couple of questions for you brother: 1. How is this article related to the 'deen'. I have been asked this question many times so I am very careful these days. 2. Isn't CIA agents in Pakistan for a long time overseeing the Afghanistan adminstration/war? What is new about this? Isn't CIA...
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    Where is user "Sazk"?

    I wanted to just inform him of the all blasts in Pakistan and muslims kllling other muslims. Had a few questions for him too...
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    [Question]Quran in error? Not sure

    My request to moderators is to delete these "wiki" links because I clicked it out of curiosity and read the negative propoganda against Islam. In introspection, I actually increased the traffic to this website and I am sure a lot of people here have done the same. Wasalam
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    Preparing for my FIRST Ramadan.....

    For all of you who are fasting for the first time -- All the best and may Allah accept your prayers and fasting. Please do remember me in your prayers. Alhamdulillah.
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    Vedio of Killing & beating of Indian Muslims

    Looking at the current (and past) political and economic condition of pakistan, I am so thankful to Allah for being an Indian (rather than a pakistani or a Bangladeshi).
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    Is this what they call journalism?

    I can't believe it that a channel like CNN posts an article like this. I wish I cud tell them that half of the world (not only Israel) also thinks that Bush & Cheney should be hanged and Israel should give back Palestinian territory. But will they report that? This makes me so mad...
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    Very Sad...

    What he (or for that matter anyone else) says about our beloved prophet, does not change the way our prophet was. Moreover, Allah will be hold him responsibile for what he said or did. We know that the pope will never revert but if Allah wills you never know that this visit may result in his...
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    Very Sad...

    Wow..> Thanks ..... Thats what I was always told and always felt guilty while wearing one. Than you for the link. Jazakallah.
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    Girl student pens 999-ft Quran

    Alhamdulillah.. Right on spot!!!!!!!! Unless nonmuslims read the quran and/or are interested in Islam, how else would they convert?