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    وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته Welcome back, I too am back after a long time.
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    Assalamo alaikom

    Assalamo alaikom
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    Serious Deadly attack on satirical magazine in Paris

    Assalamo 'alaikom I have been quite pained by this event and the repercussions of it. How do we explain the unanimous decision of the European media of reprinting the very same or related cartoons? Isn't it obvious and an ominous sign? It's not the first time that some people have killed some...
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    wa alaikomassalam warahmatollah Need not worry, also times of India is one good example of pathetic journalism sister, buy other newspapers like The Hindu.
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    Rather, man, against himself, will be a witness, [75:14]

    Rather, man, against himself, will be a witness, [75:14]
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    بَلِ الْإِنسَانُ عَلَىٰ نَفْسِهِ بَصِيرَةٌ

    بَلِ الْإِنسَانُ عَلَىٰ نَفْسِهِ بَصِيرَةٌ
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    How to prove to someone that Allah is God?

    Assalamo 'alaikom Firstly start by making dua that Musa alyhisalam made before going to firaun found in Surah Tauba (20:25-28) Quran As brother Mabsoot said give them proofs from Qur'an's ayahs. Tell them about Surah Al Ikhlas, explain it to them in sha Allah, observe their , attitude and...
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    Question: Bereavement research

    wa alaikomassalam warahmatollah, Just a cent brother. Brother have you heard about "Children of Jannah" an organisation that works for raising awareness about a similar topic and providing a source of consolation for bereaved families, you can look it up in sha Allah..
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    someone please give me a good answer

    Assalamo 'alaikom Ar-rijalu qawwamun 'ala al-nisa.... 4:34 Not the other way round.
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    Urgent Request for Prayers

    wa alaikomassalam warahmatollah So sorry to hear that Inna lillah wa inna ilayh raaji'3un May Allah swt have mercy on him and forgive him and shower him with his mardhaat and make his grave a garden of paradise.Ameen May Allah swt grant sabr to you and your family.Ameen.
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    Question: Is turning to Islam a phase?

    Assalamo 'alaikom No it's not a phase,it might have been born as a reaction to a grief.It's a positive thing,nevertheless.Allah swt wants you to turn to Him.Sometimes "He has to break you,in order to make you",as Sr Yasmin Mogahed says. Be assured in sha Allah,if you hold on to this,this is the...
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    Thinking of taking the shahada, but I have 2 questions

    wa alaikomassalam warahmatollah Allaho Akbar! May Allah make it easy for you and keep you and us all steadfast on this path.Ameen
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    Funny Dua - For those who understand Urdu

    wa alaikomassalam warahmatollah Allahumma Ameen
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    TurnToIslam Eid Mubarak ! Taqabal Allahu Minna Wa Minkum

    wa 'alaikomassalam warahmatollahi wabarakatuhu, Eid mobarak, Ameen to dua
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    Old man died at Kaaba, Mecca (hajj 2013)

    Sad, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajiun, Death has no mercy
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    Problem Sister Aapa

    wa 'alaikomassalam warahmatollah This is disturbing.How is she? May Allah make it easy for her.Ameen.
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    how to grieve for nonmuslim mother

    Wa 'alaikomassalam warahmatollah I am sorry for your loss. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'un.