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  1. Aida1

    How to handle this issue..?

    assalamu aleikum, Thank you all for your advice. I have discussed this issue with an imam at a mosque here now. He said my fiance perhaps feels insecure about his knowledge of islam and that's why he reacts so upset to suggestions about this knowledge. I talked to my fiance after that in a calm...
  2. Aida1

    How to handle this issue..?

    Assalamu aleikum, I'm engaged and inshallah will be married this time next year. The problem is I discovered later he has some strange ideas and that he doesn't handle comments about those well.... One example is that according to him, Isa (pbuh) is sheitan. I really don't know where he gets...
  3. Aida1

    Question: muslim name, which one to choose

    I made sure I had a testimony of my shahadah made, so I can 'prove' I'm muslim. I've heard a lot of stories of reverts I know wanting to go on umrah or hadj, and the Saudi government doesn't believe they are muslim until they can show this paper which is signed by enough witnesses. The fact they...
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    Question: muslim name, which one to choose

    Assalamu aleikum everybody :) There probably has been a thread about this before, but I couldn't find it, so... The question is: What did you take as your muslim name after your shahadah and why did you choose that particular name? When I took my shahadah I didn't know which name to choose...
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    when you realise people accept you more than you expected

    I hope it will become easier for you soon.. How horrible it must be that they don't even acknowledge your engagement :( How many years of study do you have left? I know I'm really lucky to have a more relaxed family. I did however have to wait to wear hijab untill I got a home for myself as...
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    when you realise people accept you more than you expected

    Dear sister, as you read it took me 3,5 years as well before I felt ready and had the courage to wear fulltime hijab, and it also took me a year and a half to tell most of my family.. These things take time and you should never go faster than you feel is right. Keep faith and your strength and...
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    Questions about Hijab

    #1) I've been going through the same thing you are. Only recently am I wearing 'fulltime' hijab. I also had a 'passage' period to let myself and my environment get used to it. I personally think not overwhelming yourself is a very good idea. When you go too far too fast (when you're not used to...
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    Allahu Akbar! Saying the Shahada tomorrow!

    Salaam aleikum, Mashallah! xAllahknowsbestx is right, please tell us your story , you're making us very curious now ;) Also, how did it go this morning??
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    ♥ Hoping to improve ♥

    ♥ Hoping to improve ♥
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    when you realise people accept you more than you expected

    Assalamu 'aleikum wa rachmatullahi wa barakatahu, My friends and family have know for quite a while that I am muslim. My mum and my best friends for about 3,5 years, other family for about 2. They accepted it without arguement hamdulillah. My mother wasn't even surprised, saying that she had...
  11. Aida1

    Question: Has the Prayer Lost its Power?

    Another sister here ;) I believe that prayer does in fact has a major impact on our lives. The fact that you stop whatever you are doing, stop obsessing over this dunya, and think about Allah (swt) and his Prophet (pbuh), makes a huge difference in how you think and act in this life. It does...
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    new member

    Aleikum salaam and welcome! This is indeed a very helpful site, may you enjoy your time here and learn a lot, like all of us here :)
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    new muslim

    Salaam 'aleikum, welcome to the forum, I'm new here too :) The vid above is indeed very nice and perhaps helpful to you. Hamdulillah my family either were supportive, curious or just couldn't care less about my conversion, so even though I found it difficult to tell people in the beginning, it...
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    TurnToIslam FAITH

    thank you, very inspirational to be reminded :)
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    Assalamu aleikum, I'm a muslim for 3,5 years now

    Yes I've seen that happening around me too. Often it was because they got overwhelmed with the, often contradicting, 'advice' they got from everyone. Once they know you're a revert, they go after you. Luckily they're not all like that. Some truly want to help you, but there are people with the...
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