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    A Sin that Leads to Jannah

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    Do you shop till you drop?

    :)Extravagance check: Do you shop till you drop? IT’s a commonly witness ed trend at weddings and parties: impatient haste in scurrying to the tables laden with food, jostling and shoving, spilling food while bringing it to the plate, piling the latter high with meat and rice, eating it at...
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    12 principles of islamic unity

    12 Principles of Islamic Unity - Action Items 1. Definitions: Orders and Facts in the Quran2. Definition of Muslims3. Unity of the Ummah4. Assume first that you are wrong5. Manners of Disagreement6. Possibility of Multiple Correct Answers7. Group Participation in Agreed Upon Matters8. Be...
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    necesito ayuda.

    Hola PAULA, mi nombre es Kawtar, o NATASHA (antes).REgresé al ISLAM hace ya 14 años. Soy Uruguaya pero vivi 8 años en tu magnifico pais. Que me hace mucha falta por lo cierto ya que hace doce años que vivo en Europa. En fin que me voy por las ramas. Concerniendo tu pregunta, la salaat la tenés...
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    Cell phones in Schools??

    Salam sister,well here in Belgium it depends. In my children scholl it is allowed to carry on the cell phones but they have to turn it off. Otherwise ,they get their mobile confiscated. Well ,in that point I think they are right, do you imagine if every kid is recieving calls? But i know that in...
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    Mashallah New layout of this site

    :salam2: Really it is much better then before. MACHA'Allah:hearts::wasalam:
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    what is sin in islam?

    What is sin in Islam ? by Muhammad Jamaal ad-Deen ‘Abdul-Wahid The Holy Last Messenger (s.a.s.) said: “Righteousness is good morality and sin is that which causes discomfort (or pinches) within your soul and which you dislike people to become informed of.” [Sahih Muslim] Sin is that...
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    I am LOSING IT!!!!

    :salam2: my sister, well ,i red all the threads that the sister have wrote. What can I tell you? In fact ... I completly understand how you feel ; I have four children (they are 10, 8, 6,4) I love them with all my heart and i often pray Allah that He keeps them in good health and to be good...
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    the old socks

    :salam2: sweet sister, I'm sorry for what you went through, may Allah help you to support those sad moments. Their are awful times indeed, I often wonder what will happen to our children. Well, your sister that loves you in Allah,take car of you:SMILY139::wasalam:
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    the old socks

    The Old Socks A wise and saintly rich man, sensing his approaching death, called his son to his side and gave him these instructions: "My son, I shall be leaving you very shortly. On the day when I die, and they have washed my body and come to wrap it in the shroud, I want you...
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    they killed my best friend

    :salam2: i just called today the most important television here and they told they didn't knew nothing about. Wouldn't it be a way to send your pictures all over the world? Fee amaneellah, your sister
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    The Story of Prophet Ayoub(pbuh)

    :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: Salam to all , I liked very much so I share this with you.Bismillah Hir Rahmaan Nir Raheem Story of Prophet Ayoub/Job (pbuh) [url] Prophets/ ayoub.html Ibn Ishaaq stated that he was a man of Rum. His name was Job...
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    they killed my best friend

    :salam2: May Allah bless her soul and send her right to heaven for what she went trough. I'm sorry sweet heart,i have no words ,it's so sad. How can we always blame the kafiruns, the jews.. when muslims are doing this to muslims.Astaghfirullah,Astaghfirullah,Astaghfirullah,Astaghfirullah
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    :salam2:the world is definitly and totally upside down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was born in Uruguay and I was raised in many countries. I'm the last generation of the military dictatorship(I'm almost 32) and no women were able to walk like that on the beech otherwhise she would get...
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    TurnToIslam Rings # 4

    :salam2:My son(8 years old) says:'jazakha'allah khairan', he downloaded the hajjtakbir, you must look to his face when he listen now to his mobile. Just a poem, macha'allah!
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    "whoever gives a fatwa for everything people ask him is crazy"Ibn Masoud

    In The Name Of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu Say: "I don't know" "They killed him, may Allah's curse be upon them," exclaimed the Messenger of Allah, [Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam (SAWS)]. "Why did they not ask if they did not know?"...
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    love your parents

    Salam, you're so right macha'Allah, I used to criticize so often my parents choice, I have four children now hamdulillah and I realized long ago that in fact they have done a great job. Fee Amanillah
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    Ethics of Disagreement

    :salam2:very usefull thread ,MACHA'ALLAH:blackhijab:
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    Children committing the unspeakable....

    :salam2:, subhana'allah sweet sister, you've really scared me! I cannot believe it is possible,how awfull world we're living in! I think I'm a little old mind subhana'allah ,my nearly nine years old son ,the only thing he always think about is playing football and playing with his X-BOX with his...