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    8,000 Bangladeshi workers died abroad in past 5 years: Report

    :salam2: Late last year till early march this year. There was a young Imam from Bangladeshi (23 years old) came to my country, Singapore, to work as a rigger in an offshore base. He paid about 8000 Singapore Dollars to his agent in Bangladesh to get a job in Singapore for 2 years. His basic...
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    I helped someone become Muslim

    Good deed indeed! :salam2: Masa'allah! Congrats Sister. Not an easy task to do. I can't even get some of my muslim friends to come pray with me. May Allah reward you. Insha'allah. :wasalam:
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    Welcome :salam2: :SMILY206:Syed here from Singapore. Can share your conversion story? I love convert stories! It reminds me on how I struggle with my faith as a Muslim & eventually summit myself to Allah. I sometimes feel like a convert myself. Enough about me. Hope you find what you are...
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    Need urgent help plz brothers and sisters!!

    :salam2: Dear Akhi. I'm not really sure but I think it is shirik to think that way. Du'a is a personal thing between a person & God. There should not be a 3party. :wasalam:
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    Child used as target practise

    Too much!!!
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    Child victims of Gaza

    Make Du'a & donation, Must remember! :salam2: This is war, Innocent children & women died. We must continue to dua for the dead. Donation will help but how much can money & material help to ease the pain of lost love once. My heart is broken & i can imagine the pain as I,myself have...
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    They bombed the UN

    :salam2: Yes sister, the situation with be different. US & the rest of the world will be too quick to blame Islam. Now that the UN compound in Gaza is bomb, the only thing that UN can do is to make noise & they cannot do anything about it..... Arab leaders can't even come to a common...
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    muslims in non-muslim countries

    :salam2: Dear brother. I may not be in your situation but I can feel your concern. My country is a multi racial society. Muslim are about 25% of the population. Most important is to stay in your community & have faith in Allah. Or you can consider moving to Malaysia or Singapore...
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    brands to ban..pls Muslims, WE CAN make the difference together

    RE: We must do this people! :salam2: Yes we must boycott these brands but not only during the Israel attacks. Keep boycotting them forever! Find other alternative if you can. Remember, there are Asian products which are more or less equally as good as the Israel or US products. Japan, China...
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    A must watch for every muslims!

    :salam2: Where is the link brother? :wasalam:
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    Muslims Drinking beer can lead to caning in Malaysia

    :salam2: Malaysia is taking Shariah law seriously and impose a punishment for all Muslim who are caught drinking publicly. I say it is a good example for more Muslim countries to follow especially in Dubai. Of course it only applies to Muslim & non-Muslim have their own freedom. :wasalam:
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    Muslims Drinking beer can lead to caning in Malaysia

    Tuesday, 13 January 2009 KUALA LUMPUR (, AFP) A Malaysian religious court has sentenced a man and a woman to six strokes of the cane for drinking alcohol, in a rare decision in the multicultural nation, a newspaper report said Tuesday. Mohamad Nasir Mohamad, a 38-year-old...
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    i wish we could unite

    a good leader to unite all. Salam' I agree with all of you. I keep asking myself that same question. Many of us muslim argue about almost everything. There are difference in all of us due to race, custom & thinking. We have to learn to respect each other & come to a common ground which is...
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    please make dua for my dear wife

    :salam2: Insha'allah, I will include your wife in my Du'a. I hope she recover soon. Wasalam
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    Please help

    :salam2: Thank You Brother. :wasalam:
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    Please help

    :salam2: Thanks Sister. I got the big picture now. I got my answer although it was not a direct answer but I feel it is the most appropriate. I hope I'm able to talk my friend into learning or seeking proper education with a proper Islamic school as he is rather intellectual & gifted...
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    Please help

    :salam2: Thanks Sister. My though too. Any back up verses from Quran or Hadith? :wasalam: Syed
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    Please help

    Assalam, Thanks Brother. My question was not really answered or maybe my question is not specific enough. This friend of mine study the Quran in translation (Eng&Malay). He is bless with good memory & an intelligent mind. However, I felt he misuse his knowledge & quote a Quranic verses to...
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    Please help

    Dear Sister, I don't quite understand this statement. Can help to explain? Many thanks. Wasalam Syed
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    Please help

    :salam2: ThankQ Sister Sandra for answering Question 1 & 2. Your help is very much appreciated. Wasalam, Syed