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    mensages secretos en las armas de los soldados!!!

    Assalamu aleikom wa rahmatullah, el video es muy interesante. Los cristianos, como nostros, crean que su religion es la verdadera y por eso hacen 'dawa' a la otra gente. No tengo ningun problema que estan pruebando advertir su religion, pero tengo un problema con la forma! con pistoles?! que...
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    Hello from Canada

    Salamu Aleikom brother :) I'm Canadian too.. I know what you're talking about when you say much diversity. Subhan Allah you realize theres so much to learn about different people. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and may Allah make the path of knowledge easy on you and all of us. The most...
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    Heart of a muslim - Zain Bikha??

    Salamu Aleikom! does anyone have the nasheed "heart of a Muslim" by Zain Bikha? I've been looking for it and I cant find it! Baraka Allahu feekom :) Salamu Aleikom
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    ya raja'ee.. beautiful nasheed

    Salamu Aleikom everyone, enjoy the beautiful nasheed:)
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    Salam maleikum!!

    Salamu Aleikom :), bienvenido a TTI y al Islam. Espero que Allah crea tu camino muy facil en Islam. In sha Allah vas a entender mucho en ese foro :) Salam
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    Muslim demographics - Shocking figures

    Salamu Aleikom, This video treats us like a disease! and they didn't qoute anyone else but Al-Qadafi! 1. They're the ones who enocuraged their society not to produce! they stigmatized it with being of the lower class. They encouraged contraceptives and abortion to the point where people...
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    new member

    Salamu Aleikom, Welcome to the site Bader:) One thing I have to tell you is that you should never debate them! in a debate two parties hold opposite belief and no way will the belief will change after a debate. It just turns out to be a public show and no one wins. The Prophet of Allah gave...
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    la forma de hacer la oracion

    :salam2: deseo que todo estan bien, eso es un video sobre la oracion y como hacerlo :) :wasalam:
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    Salam, my name is Eman (which means faith) :) I used to hate my name when i was a kid just because it has "man" in it, but now elhamdulelah i like it :)
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    W aleikom el salam, Muchas gracias para todo:) Salam
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    kids activities..

    :salam2: Jazaki Allahu khair! I'm so gratefull for these :) I would also tell them stories, but I don't have access to computers because I teach at the masjid, but I can print out those pictures and get them to colour as a fun activity:) May Allah reward you, and once again thank you so...
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    kids activities..

    :salam2: I teach little kids (ages 5-8) about islamic manners, and I was wondering if any of you kind people know any games or activities that I could play with them to demonstrate anything that has to do with islam.. for example: loyalty, patience, love for one another, humbleness...
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    Have I fallen prey to grudge?

    Salamu Aleikom, I just want to say that I am also in the same situation as you are.. I have tried to forgive that person so many times, but it just seems like this person just doesn't care and the feeling inside my heart isn't going away.. I think its natural to be upset cause we've been...
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    Hadiz del Profeta

    relató 'Umar -que Allah esté complacido con él-: Un día, cuando estábamos en compañía del Mensajero de Allah -la paz y las bendiciones de Allah sean con él-, se presento ante nosotros un hombre, con vestidos de resplandeciente blancura, y cabellos intensamente negros, al que no se le veían...
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    Hadiz del Profeta

    Bismillah (en el nombre del Dios) el Hadiz son los actos, dichos, aprobaciones, prohibiciones o aprobados tácitamente por el profeta Muhammad (saw). “ hay un bello ejemplo en el mensajero de Allah (de valor y firmeza en la fe) para quienes tienen esperanza en Allah, …” sura los aliados...