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    ?The Night of Power?

    3salam3lakum; Forgive my ignorence, I have only been muslim for almost 4 years now, but having to just play it by ear and learn by reading and here and there. I know it's not the greatest way to learn, but I really don't have much choice. I will say that I have, Subhannallah, learned how to...
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    :ma:I e-mailed that to my sisters. Did u write that? Anyway, Alhumdullilah. AllahHudafiz
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    3SALAM3LAKUM That was very clever.:ma: I'm sending that to some of my sisters. They will get a kick out of that.:lol: AllahHudafiz Khadijah:hijabi:
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    Tie Your Camel

    3salam3lakum; Subhannallah! This has become one of my favorite quotes say every since I heard this a year ago. We do more than just trust in Allah (swt). How can we make a difference in other peoples lives and our own if we just stay at home. Plus, Allah (swt) rewards those that work...
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    Being a muslimin in the south.

    3salam3lakum; I understand from both sides. For one, I learned some simple Arabic while learning to read and write it. I made the effort to say "hello" and stuff, but they (the 35+ age) just made fun of me. It took them a year to start saying salam and wasalam. I can be out at a store and see...
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    3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! How do I join the sisters only club? I have tried to join, but still unsuccessful. I had posted a thread that i only wanted sisters to see and another sister moved it there, but I'm not allowed to view it or post questions. What do I do? AllahHudafiz...
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    Downloads and Websites for New Muslims

    3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! I just wanted to share a couple of Web sites that I thought were pretty cool. and The 2muslims Web site has lots of cool and informative downloads such as: Hadith Quran Reading about ALL The...
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    3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! No, unfortunatelly, they neither live with me nor are they Muslim. InshaAllah, one day. Right now I am in the middle of fighting for my vistation rights. Everyone seems to think that I have lost my mind becoming Muslim. They just want to see the woman I used to...
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    Thank you for your encouragement. 3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! Thank you so much for all of your comments and feedback. :ma:, everyone on TTI has been so great. You all have made me feel so welcome. May Allah bless you, guide you, and expand your grave.:tti_sister: AllahHudafiz...
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    Being a muslimin in the south.

    Thank you to everyone! 3salam2lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! Masha Allah, thank you to everyone who sent a reply. I am doing great. I just love this web site. Alhumdullilah. I just got a new job, so I now have something to take up some of my spare time. I'm just trying to focus on studying The...
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    New Muslim in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! I was touched by your story and feel you in more ways than one. First, I am also a new Muslim of 3 1/2 years. I also reverted late in life, but better late than never:blackhijab:. SubhanAllah. I felt the same in my questions and befiefs as you did before Islam...
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    I need some help please

    3SALAM3LAKUM; Being a new Muslim of 3 1/2 years, Alumdullilah, it is imoptant not to over whelm her. As others have said, teacher her the pillars and the articles of faith. Give her some websites and maybe even print up some material on how to pray, then pray with her. But, more important...
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    MISUNDERSTANDING Bis millahahir Rahmaanir Raheem. AlHumdu Lilaahi Rabbil Alameen. 3salam3lakum; I'm sorry I must have not been clear in my writing. Yes, at first, I was introduced to a "hodge poge" of Christianity, but later, after my mother's death, became more involved in the Baptist...
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    Bis millaahir Rahmaanir-Raheem. Al Hamdu-Lil-laahi Rabbil-Alameen. 3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak; I was asked to explain how I became a Christian and then my transition in to Islam. First, I want to tell you a little about how as a child I believe I was already a Muslim. My mother sent me...
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    3 year old muslimah w/ 5 christian children

    BismillaahirRahmaanirRaheem 3salam3lakum & Ramadan Mubarak! I reverted in March 2006 (Alhumdullilah) and still am having trouble with my children. See, they live with their father, and he speaks to them very negatively about Islam. I have spoke to them about Islam but they will only hear so...
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    Being a muslimin in the south.

    Salam3laykum to all, and Ramadan Mubarik! I saw this website on YouTube and thought...what a good way for me to be able to talk with other Muslims. SubhanAllah! See, I live in Shreveport, Louisianna, where the Ummah is.....well, there isn't one. Don't get me wrong, we have 2 misjids, just no...