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    Learn how to Recite surat al Fatihah ( awesome )
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    Al-minchawi recitation ( very beautiful )
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    Quran Birth of Mary
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    Quran shyokh Ahmed al ajami and Alafasy

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Surah al-Mursalat (The emissaries)

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Suratul Insaan by 'Ali 'Abdullah

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Listen to the Holy Quran

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    Surat Al-Haqqah by Mohamed Al-Barrak

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Amazing recitation by Ziad Patel

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Excellent Recitation from Jamal Uddin

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    Melodious Recitation : Ahmad Saeed

    jazakallahu khaiyr
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    An Excellent Resource

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    Qur'aan recited by 'Ulamaa (Scholars)

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    Dua please.

    may Allah give you a lovely husband soon.
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    Need help, kinda hard to explain?

    look. no one will be able to discover the secrets of exictence and creation. for example, there won't be an equation which proves the existence of God because life is a system which contains every thing you need to know that there is a God , and your role is to faith not to discover the ghayb...
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    Dua please.

    Assalaam walaikum, I have a friend. he is disabled. he has congenital disease.this disease is autosomal dominant (transfered to all sons).he can't depend on himself for doing his primitive basic needs .he only depends on Allah and his mother. he knows that the possibility of marriage is so so...