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    Folks, Please note that Mr.? Miss.? Justice incited us and just disappeared...May be she(he?) thought that if she(he?) stays and reads all our comments..She (he?) might end up becoming a muslim herself(himself?)
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    Islam Could Become Europe's Dominant Religion, Experts Say

    This piece of news needs to be taken with a pinch of salt...There is a lot here to be read in between the lines.....It is very clear that a significant part of this article has an intent to increase Islamophobia!
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    Request for Dua

    Thanks for you dua...I was born in India..
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    Request for Dua

    Dear Bros and Sisters... I kindly request all brothers and sisters on this website to pray for me so that I can be regular in my Salaah. Thanks
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    murder afterlife and other questions

    I think one important part of the question still remains unanswered. About people convicted of murder converting to Islam. The most important thing to understand is that ALL the previous sins are forgiven when someone truly and whole heartedly accepts Islam.
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    Made in Israel - [short clip: 1min 31sec]

    I think it is a typo, maybe what you meant was " 1 in 80 are NOT like this. " If this is not a typo then I pray to Allah to help you know your enemy better..
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    question of a to answer?

    Dear Sister In Islam, The Will of Allah is different from Pre-destiny or Qadr. The will of Allah is called "Izn" in Arabic where as predestiny is called "Qadr". It is absolutely true that nothing can happen in the entire creation of Allah (S.W.T ) without his will. Predestiny does not...
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    help me

    There is a slight difference about the numbering of Ayaths between scholars. There is a group that considers Bismillah as an Ayath and others do not. This could be a probable cause. And Allah knows better
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    My reversion story

    MashaAllah, Welcome to Islam sister
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    From Buddhism to atheism to Islam, the story of a Chinese Muslim.

    MashaAllah Welcome to the fold of Islam Sister...
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    From the Darkness to the Light: The story of my Reversion

    Dear Brother Ahmed, MasaAllah, I was really touched to hear your story. There is one thing that you should remember and this should be the guiding principle of your life. That isthe fact that out ofthe billions in the world Allah chose you and guiding you out of darkness and into light. This...
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    Where do you live?

    Can somebody explain to me what is the point of this thread?...Don't we have better things to do?
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    Please comfort me my brothers and sisters

    These people who talk so much about an individual's freedom force a person to attend an activity which he does not want to ! Their hypocrisy is obvious and pathetic. I pray to Allah to give you the will power to stand by your values !
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    What is your favorite C O L O R?

    :astag: What is the point in knowing anyones favorite color ! Don't we have better things to do ? Islam does not encourage wasting one's own and other people's time in things that do not have a purpose or are not of any benefit. If there is a purpose or benefit in what you are doing, Kindly...
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    salaam alikoum what a great site!

    :mashallah: You brothers and sisters who have reverted to the true faith of Islam are putting us to shame by your strong faith and taqwa. I pray to Allah swt to give the entire ummah the tawfeeq to uphold his religion and make us deserving of Jannah!
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    please help about breaking the fast

    Brothers and sisters! There is noting to be so worked up about. First of all it is the sister's taqwa that is making her regret her actions. Second, since it was an optional fast, It cannot be counted as a sin if you break it! Finally, she can fast on the next possible oppurtunity and make...
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    Salaam, I am new & wish to introduce myself

    :mashallah: Could'nt put it better so I thought I will just quote Br. Jehanze! Brother Eric, You don't realsie how blessed you are. Not only did Allah show you the true path, But gave you Taufeeq to give up your haraam profession ( Believe me that is not easy!) and gave a good Muslimah...
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    Watching TV ?

    T.V specially today and more specially in the un-censored west is 99% bad and 1% good. Mature adults might be able to filter what they watch but what about younger people? T.V today is the biggest medium for spreading "Fahash". Obsenity on TV is the norm today, even news channels carry adds that...
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    Hi from Saudi Arabia

    Sugam Danne Ikka Enda Vishesham,
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    What exactly do you want to know about Hajj?