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  1. Dawoodi

    de cual pais hispanico son ustedes?

    Colombia update salam walaikum warrahmatulai wabarakatuhu. Hola soy Dawood de Colombia, y te cuento que el Islam esta creciendo en Colombia y lartinoamerica muy rapido en estos ultimos an'os Alhamdulillah. ya hay Musalas en Cali, Medellin, Pasto, Cucuta, Bucaramanga, Armenia...
  2. Dawoodi

    Video how Dawood Al Colombe became muslim

    A Colombian Brother who became muslim and now has oppen the first Masjid in the Coffe Area.
  3. Dawoodi

    First Musala in Pereira, Colombia

    as salam walaikum W My Dear Brothers and Sisters may Allah gide us all to the rigth path. I want to share with you all my happiness, we have the first Yumma prayer in my City Pereira and we have set up the first Musala ever in the history of my city. Alhamdulillah! we have new reverts and...
  4. Dawoodi

    Renouncing Islam in Malaysia

    salam walaikum w This is so simple. what’s the punishment for the sheitan? the one who after he had believe and new the truth decided to cover it up and treason or beloved Allah Subhanah wata'allah? Is it dead? And hell? weo ... dose this only apply to the jinn? or to the humans...
  5. Dawoodi

    Muslim child gives speach as a big scholar

    salam w salam walaikum w brothers and it me?... or the brother that keeps the microphone its repiting with his lips the words the boys says as if he new the speach very well.... am i been too suspicious? have a look and tell me what do you see? for me to see a boy saying...
  6. Dawoodi

    Haram or Halal??

    salam walaikum brother NEw Muslim, to be a barista means to work behind a counter and prepare drinks...not nesesarily alcohol lol. could be a coffe shop thats a bartender the one who serves alcoholic drinks. salam walaikum.
  7. Dawoodi

    Fiction - prohibited?

    salam walaikum so to close the argument: fiction its not Haram exept for that wich is unislamic and can lead to haram things! this is becouse the meaning of the word Fiction its to wide. so all will end to the use of knowglege and commond sence. salam w.
  8. Dawoodi

    Fiction - prohibited?

    salam walaikum. salam walaikum its a fiction history a lie? first we should be sure the clasificationt of it. so for instance i have imagen a green cow driving a this a lie? or just a imagination? what about if i decide to tell some one of what i have imagen and i...
  9. Dawoodi

    help please.

    salam w Jasakalaheir brother mabsoot! this is exacly what i was looking for....humm i'm not that good on searching lol salam w.
  10. Dawoodi

    help please.

    salam w salam walaikum w jasakalaheir for u intention, but i dont have any problem with knowing how to do salat. i just need audio of the Du'as so it will be easy so teach the pronunciation to other new muslims. as i dont know Arabic yet. so to have Audio references will make it easy...
  11. Dawoodi

    help please.

    Salam walaikum warrahmatulahi wabarakatuhu. Even do i dont know Arebic yet, i'm been active in the Dawah alhamdulillah and i have cuple of new brothers who took shahada, but i'm facing a dificulty, wish is to teach them correct pronunciation of Duas of Salat. Can please any one help me...
  12. Dawoodi

    Searching for the hadist...

    Salam walaikum Question? Its clear for me alhamdulillah that, wipping the Face and Congregational Dua after Obligatory prayers is Bid'ah innovation with no valid evidence supporting it. but personal Dua'a its ok. What about of raising of the hands were in doing Du'ah? can u please make...
  13. Dawoodi

    Dua: Best Times And Places To Make Dua, supplicating Praying to Allah

    MASHA'ALAH!!!!! MASHA'ALLAH Salam walaikum warrahmatulahi wabarakatuhu! Masha'allah1 MAsha'allah! i love Du'as, thanks brother mabsoot for posting all this information. please i will really apreciate if the brothers can post more Du'as Insha'allah plus the transliteration so we...
  14. Dawoodi

    Who is Allah!

    Asalaam O Alikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word "Allaah". Somehow, many people have come to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews. This is totally false, since...
  15. Dawoodi

    hugging male cousins

    salam walaikum w salam walaikum ok i gues we all talk from our perspective, so in a sence we all rigth, probably i was quik into access that mayority of people ...... so i retrac my self from that stament. and insha'allah Allah forgive me for all my mistakes! all our happiness and...
  16. Dawoodi

    hugging male cousins

    salam w the saying i just mention its a translation of something is said in spanish "si es mi primo mas me arrimo" and its well know all over spanish speakers cuntries. here i was talking about cousins no no about incest. and if you havent hear you can start looking at UK history for...
  17. Dawoodi

    Lower the gaze/gays?

    salam w salam walaikum w my Dear sister, after reading ur post i feel very happy to see there are muslimas like u that have a shuch nice maners masha'allah as it should be. insha'allah i recomend u to get a translation of the Quran and give it to him so if he really interested in Islam...
  18. Dawoodi

    Is Cheese Halal?

    question sw wow! i didnt know that...what about if the cheese is made with rennet from halal slaughtered animals? is it halal? sw.
  19. Dawoodi

    hugging male cousins

    salam walaikum salam w I did a search some time before and I founded a webpage from psychologists who protested again the government for changing the low in homosexuality as they regard this as a mental disorder, and they firmly stated that this in majority of cases was the result of child...
  20. Dawoodi

    help me to find something

    salam w salam w a simeple analogy: if he belive in God... he also must belive in the prophets so if he says yes you can ask him: what is best to follow the religion (way of life) all the prophets came to teach? or to follow his personal way of life? and explain why to be good its not...