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    man is created from alaag a leech like substance?

    Embryology-The creation of humankind man is created from alaag a leech like substance? A few years ago a group of Arabs collected all information concerning embryology from the Qur’aan, and followed the instruction of the Qur’aan: “If ye realise this not, ask Of those who...
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    As salamu ma prezint

    can u write in english,its better
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    sakeena.choclate is why in the islamic room?
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    wht is this sister?this is a islamic website u have to caht about islam>wht the hell si to do with choclate/
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    how can i chat with other?

    salaam i just want to know why cant i can be member of it? Abrar
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    Islam stand for peace

    Asalaam allikumm Islam is the word derived from a root word slim and also a salaam by combine this two words islamstand for " peace obtain by submiting a will to almighty God"
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    salaam allikum i'm new to web my name is Abrar Ahmed i love to make friend i would love to make friends my name is abrar ahmed
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    Asalaam allikum, Respected Sister, i am Abrar Ahmed i want to know what is the position of a muslims in USA and are they so many muslims are major or in minor in population.i would be waiting fo ur reply