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    Eid on Monday Dec 8

    asalamalikum Eid Mubarak to all muslim bro n sis
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    Everything Was Suddenly Clear...

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks once again for shareing wonderful story allah(swt) guide us to right path ....
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    Khadega Pihan from Germany

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks for sharein thiz wonderfull story of our sis
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    Muslims and Paradise .....

    asalamalikum v usefull information but i dunt think it will be to easy it will take more dan billion trillion years in hell dan we our sin's will be forgiven the sahabi's were already told by prophet mohammad(pbuh) ur already forgiven n allah(swt) has granted u jannah but they were alwayz n...
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    Touching Story Of An Indian Revert:MUST READ

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks for sharein it made me cry :SMILY23:
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    Angela Collins: Why I decided to submit?

    asalamalikum thanks for shareing this wonderfull story it touches heart n inshallah allah(swt) guide us to straight path n we die shahada kalma on our lips
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    Mum, I've decided I want to follow Allaah

    asalamalikum thanks for sharing this wonderfull story jazakallah khairr
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    Warning! Revert/Convert or you want to Revert/Convert:A letter for you from a Convert

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks for shareing this well it is not dat we dunt wana help sumtimes we just got stuck on wat to say n how to start n now as i came to diz forum ive learned alot thanks alkhamdulillah im gona be carefull next time i see sum1 who is converted n would help him or...
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    asalamalikum :ma: sister it is just dat wen i read abut a muslim revert my imaan changes cuz those who r reverted n who r born muslims are really diffrent cuz only those who r reverted knows how beautifull da islam is jaza kallah khair thanks for sharein such a wonderfull story n allah(swt)...
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    turn off my phone during my salat?

    asalamalikum well i heard a hadith prophet mohammad(pbuh) was telling sahabi's there will be time wen voice's will be rised in masjid , second there will b songs<< sry but sumthing like dat... imagine mostly da cell phone's ppl have has diffrent kind of ringtones n in masjid while ur phone...
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    Advice for possible engagement?

    asalamalikum ahahaha well u guys mentioned paki im also a paki :P but nt livein in western world alkhamdulillah <<< wwhy?? cuz i was born in modern society (hong kong) is same as western culture 2 many fitnah's well i was born muslim but as u no wen u have friends in skool diffrent kind of...
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    Unique Baby Boy names???

    asalamalikum my sister also had a baby i liked Hamdi or sudais or yousaf
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    Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon)

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks for shareing learning new things everyday alkhamdulillah
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    Prophet Yaqub (PBUH)

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair thanks for shareing this wonderfull story of yaqub n yousaf peace be upon them all ameen !!
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    Video Brother Abu Hafsa Entering Islam!

    asalamalikum it made me cry he was born blind after he dies Allah(swt) grant his jannat-fir-dous imagein all his life he didnt see anything just felt it n when he dies n in jannat wen he opens his eyezzz :SMILY23: da greatest thing is he will die as a muslim if he died as a kafir diz life he...
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    New Afghan member

    asalamalikum wellcome to TTI sister mashallah talaa pushto razee ??? zum puktoon yemaa <<< sry for that my parents background is phatan anyway howz life mashallah
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    asalamalikum i think there r many victims heree lol Allah(swt) take ur pain away ameen
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    Assalam Alaikum

    asalamalikum wellcome to tti sister well i got same problem as u... znas10 brother said i will try to do that i also have weakness in memories... may Allah(swt) help us n guide us to success ameen!!!
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    Virtues of Subhanallahi Wabihamdihi

    asalamalikum jazakallah khair... thanks for sharein this wonderfull rewards Allah(swt) may us one of them amen !!
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    asalamalikum indeed Allah(swt) reward masoot for his great work n inshallah this site will grow n we all love each other for the sake of Allah(swt) :)