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  1. Aroosak

    Is this normal?

    Allah has placed signs around us They are everywhere we don't have to look far and beyond for them The hearts belong to Allah and not to us humans and they yearn to meet the Creator...
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    The Nailpolish debates...

    :salam2: It's been forever since the last time I've been on TTI but inshaa'Allah now that school is over I am glad to be back First of all I decided I would post this not only in the sisters club because we can learn from the brothers too on this topic. So lately I've been hearing a...
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    Wuduu -Hijab Restrictions?

    :salam2: I pray everyone is well I went to a lecture about Salah and the sheikh said that when a woman makes wudu in a public bathroom and there are non-muslim women around is best for her to not take off her hijab but just wipe it on top with some water. How valid is this and is there any...
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    Praying in a moving vehicle?

    JazakhAllah kheir for the replies This was pretty clear ... :blackhijab:
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    Praying in a moving vehicle?

    :salam2: As I was coming back from school the other day I witnessed a brother praying his salah in the bus. First I wasn't sure he was praying it but after a few minutes I could recognize all the movements. He was sitting down and prayed the same way people pray in a chair. I can't lie many...
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    Park51 aka "The Ground Zero Mosque"

    :wasalam: I used to attend the prayer space in the building before the opening. I was shocked to go after the opening and see an exhibition of pictures as well as huge windows that made you feel like you were putting a show for everyone that passed by. It just felt very weird being there...
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    Speak Up But Don’t Argue

    jazakhAllah kheir for posting! This should be inscribed in every single masjid.... I cannot see how brothers and sisters can get angry in a masjid when our Prophet (saw) has warned us about anger constantly!
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    Number of sons and daughters of the Prophet (PBUH)

    SubhanAllah I was just thinking about this today when I read about the ill-treatment of daughters in some muslim countries. I remembered how the Prophet (saw) loved his daughters so much. What an example of living for all our ummah!
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    Name change HARAAM??!!?

    :wasalam: It is right what it has said before that non-muslim women change their last name to the one of their husbands so as to signify property or so it used to be before. That was the tradition and where this idea comes from. In Islam a woman is given her own identity, even though she has...
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    Is this Haram?

    I think we all feel different doing certain things. I for example as I said I am super paranoid with my hijab. I wouldn't even take it off in a women's bathroom when there is people around . I guess it is because I think of the following hadith: The Prophet said: "Allah is more deserving of your...
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    A Halal Facebook?

    This was hilarious... maybe he was a cat lover! Totally agree! I know many sisters that have learned to control the features in facebook and use it mostly to do dawah and use the events for spreading islamic events. You don't HAVE to put your pictures and you don't HAVE to look at other...
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    Is this Haram?

    :wasalam: I've tried swimming with long wide pants and a long sleeve shirt and hijab and trust me it was a complete failure so I cannot imagine surfing well covered. I've seen the famous burkinis but I personally don't feel covered enough in them. During surfing you should be able to have...
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    :wasalam: May Allah make it easier for all the muslimahs out there who are striving to wear hijab, and may Allah guide all the muslimahs that do not wear it correctly and protect us all and keep us in the sirat al mustaqeen. Not wearing hijab just makes a sister not obedient to one of the...
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    Being Religious Without Being a Jerk

    Yeah I also thought it was too strong of a word and that by calling someone a jerk one is falling into the same vice it is criticizing. But that is the article's title I feel that I cannot change the title but I would change the name of the post's title.
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    Being Religious Without Being a Jerk

    Being Religious Without Being a *Zealot* Being Religious Without Being a Jerk By Abdul Sattar Ahmed “There is nothing that has gentleness in it except that it is beautified, and there is nothing that has harshness in it except that it makes it ugly. So be calm, O Aisha!” The above...
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    Have You Thanked Allah?

    SubhanAllah this was beautiful! JazakhAllah kheir for posting It reminded me of Ramadhan and how when you break your fast you get tears in your eyes remembering how grateful you are to have been given food by Allah t'ala.
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    You may cry [Kaafir Parents]

    :wasalam: Wow I can totally relate to this brother... Allah knows how many times I cried for my parents and made duaa for them to be guided. SubhanAllah when I witness they do something against Islam I get a burden in my heart that I sometimes feel I cannot take. But subhanAllah I've been...
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    Report: Muslim Americans Are Incredibly Normal

    :salam2: BREAKING NEWS!!! wait for it... are you sitting down? so according to new studies Muslims are actually normal!! tun tun tun! who would've taught so, after all they are muslims! .... guess we needed a report to prove our normality :muslim_child: Report: Muslim Americans Are...
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    96% of Muslims

    :wasalam: That doesn't surprise me as much... not to long ago I read about a group of so called Muslim artists who used the label "Muslim" to gain media attention and claimed the most craziest things ever! (which I rather not discuss here) audhubillah they confessed they liked the peaceful...
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    Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland over amusement park's head scarf ban; 15 arre

    Yeah CAIR is already taking care of this. What might work against them is the way some brothers and sisters reacted. This is exactly why people should know their rights and how to react in such situations. The use of violence and foul language it is not something we can afford ourselves to...