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    Turkey..Still Secular??

    So, anyone knows when the elections would be? I heard that they are to be held by end of April?
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    A new Muslim

    MashAllah! Welcome to the true path! May Allah bless you!
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    priests and young boys vatican behind the scenes

    Well, there have been rumours about the current pope being an homosexual. I don't know if it's true.And there are evidences that Jews have tried to control the Vatican ever since Crusades.There are numerous evidences out there that Vatican is a hub or route for Sex Slave trade. Gosh...
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    So sad....

    Salam! Sister, you should stay firm to your decision.InshAllah, if you stay patient as the way before, then the perception of your father about the religion of Islam may change.What you must do now is to get your father to understand what brought you to Islam.MashAllah, some brothers...
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    World Cup Cricket

    Salam! Brother ShaheedU! Now that was funny..... Well, I heard that Andy Roddick(is there any tennis lover here?) is a Muslim.Now, is that true? P.S. I love TENNIS!!!!
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    Assalam u Alaikum Sister! Welcome to the TTI community! May Allah guide you and May He exalt you to a high place, Ameen! We all are your Brothers and Sisters in faith here.Feel free to ask any questions.MashAllah, everyone here is so cooperative and honest.It's always inspiring...
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    World Cup Cricket

    Salam! heheh.... It's only interesting when it's fast ... you know when you get to see awesome shots and then the 4's and 6's and the wickets in lesser time.There's nothing more to it than that.However, I prefer soccer to cricket cuz cric sumtimez get boring( especially...
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    utterly confused...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!

    Salam! First of all, I would say that plz do not pay attention to those who confuse you.These useless sites propogate wrong information to mentally retard you and put you on a wrong path which will surely result in internal disorder.I have experience with this and know how to deal with...
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    World Cup Cricket

    Salam Wel... Brother Hussain, Aussies have regained the first position in the international rankings once again and they haven't lose a single match in this World cup but stiill I guess there are still chances that Aussies would not grab the cup this time if they face teams like the Kiwis...
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    ASSALAMU'ALAIKUM to all brothers and sisters

    :wasalam: Welcome to the TTI community, sister! Hope you benefit alot from this website, InshAllah....
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    As salam walaikum

    :salam2: Welcome to the TTI community!
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    World Cup Cricket

    ohhh! I can't believe it.The Bangladeshis have done it again.Both India and Pakistani teams should be ashamed to ..... ah, whatever! They beat my favourite team yet I think they should be lauded for their amazing performance against the team ranking second i.e. South Africa!!!!
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    Proof that 9/11 was an inside job

    Salam Sister Harb! No one's gonna stop talking about 9/11 till the Iraq and Afghanistan war is not stopped.It was a hoax to represent a false image of Muslims.This 9/11 does matter to us.It was the starting point where lies were hurled against Islam and Muslims.It was when false excuses...
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    salam from Malaysia to all brothers and sisters

    Salam! Welcome to the TTI community! Thanx for the Duas , both of you! May Allah also increase your faith and ease the difficulties for you, Ameen!!
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    ISRAEL is the biggest terrorist organization in the world

    Salam! I pray that somehow we unite and face these injustices, evils, problems etc.I wonder that being in such large numbers, why do we ALWAYS have to be blamed and receive the "dirty looks"?The point is that Jews are so much less than us in number yet they exceed us in power(political and...
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    son of mankind?

    Assalam u Alaikum! I've seen Passion of Christ, too and yes it is somewhat against Jews(Although whole of the story is not the truth).Jesus is not the Son of Mankind.We know from the Koran that his mother, Maryam A.S. was a virgin.Prophet Essa was only a Prophet and servant of Allah...
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    proud to be a muslima

    Welcome ! Salam Sister! Welcome to TTI community!
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    UK sailors captured at gunpoint

    :salam2: Sorry for being harsh in the previous post but then sometimes we do lose control.I apologise for it! Anyway, yes..... Iran and Syria have a defence pact.They are in a favourable position.Moreover, They have support of Russia and China.A war would mean that most Arab nations would...
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    ISRAEL is the biggest terrorist organization in the world

    Well, the Zionists use "Anti Semitics" to label Anti Zionists as "terrorist sympathizers" (as per it's Anti Islamic propoganda) . It's an excuse to spread hatred for crticiser's of Israel's terorrist activities.The minds of ppl are diverted to think that Israel suffers everything while...
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    assalammualaikom brothers & Sister In Islam

    :salam2: Welcome to the TTI community! May Allah make your test much easier for you and may you succeed in your life. Ameen!