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  1. Anas_L

    Dream Interpertation

    Not the best advice in my opinion... especially to a 15 year old that adores his dream.
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    Need to make up missed prayers

  3. Anas_L

    Need to make up missed prayers

    Salamu Alaykum I need to know a list of every time a sunnah prayer is available so I can start making up all my missed prayers. I know I've missed many many prayers, sometimes even deliberately out of laziness. Also, is there a way of calculating how many prayers you've missed? If not, is it...
  4. Anas_L

    Why do Muslims give themselves titles such as Salafi, Sufi and Hanafi?

    I made a thread about this before but apparently it was deleted. Why, just why, just why do Muslims give themselves titles such as Salafi, Sufi, Hanafi and all that? I see noooooooooooo point in it and it's clearly an innovation. So why? Can someone reply to this thread without deleting it?
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    Are we preparing for Hoors of Jannah?

    @exalted I personally wouldn't want more than 1 wife... imagine having to walk for a day just to visit each wife for a minute or two... no thank you. 1 wife is enough, but I will thank Allah for his offer. Maybe I will change my mind in Jannah, who knows. Right now though, I definitely don't...
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    Thread Deleted

    I love this brother. He's always so happy, always says PBUH after he says Muhammad's (PBUH) name. Mashallah.
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    Guilty verdict for Lee Rigby Killers

    Feel sorry for 'em. Spending life in prison... hopefully they'll be able to pray and repent. May Allah guide them. Ameen.
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    Narrate your good dreams

    As salamu Alaykum Good dreams One of my dreams were with my brothers. A group of teenagers were coming to kill us with guns, and I was sitting down quite far away from all of the commotion with a Qur'an in my hand. Can't remember when I woke up but it seemed sooo realistic. When I woke up I...
  9. Anas_L

    Dream about Dajjal??

    To me this sounds like a good dream, very good dream actually. You refused to follow the Dajjal and he burnt you, well I envy you and your dream. May Allah allow us all to have dreams like that.
  10. Anas_L

    Refreshing Get to know each other

    I was born in England and so was my dad and my dads dad, but my dads mum was born in Jamaica. My mums mum was born in England but my mums dad was also born in Jamaica. I was born a Muslim, 1998.
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    I've sat in the presence of a Martyr

    As Salamu Alaykum I don't know if any of you know of a man named Dawood Burbank (May peace and blessings be upon him and his family) who was a British Muslim, known for his translations from Arabic to English. This man (May peace and blessings be upon him and his family) passed away of a coach...
  12. Anas_L

    Problem What this Hadith actually says?

    :salam: Google Translate picked up the following: Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him and his family and said : I sent Bjoama These Alکlm , Nusrat horror , Whilst I was sleeping and saw me come keys coffers of the earth , placed in my...
  13. Anas_L

    Serious Raped inside the masjids, infront of their family. Please help the victims of Muzzafarnagar, India.

    As salamu Alaykum I would fight to the death if ANY one of my family members were taken to be sexually or physically abused. Subhanallah, some people ESPECIALLY Muslims need to stand up for their honor. Justice to the victims of gang violence, severe punishments to all who oppress! Even in one...
  14. Anas_L

    Serious Calculating zakat

    If for example you have 10,000 USD, you would have to give 2.5% of that which is equivalent to 250 USD. Just x the amount of money you have by 00.25. :)
  15. Anas_L

    I'm scared of death

    I think deep down we're all afraid of death because we don't know where we're going after this life. Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela met their end times simply because Allah had written for their time to come then. You don't know what age you'll live up to so make the most of your life while you...
  16. Anas_L

    Question: Brothers' marriage

    What does that mean? "The husband's brother is like death" I don't understand it, would someone kindly elaborate? And also, I don't intend on being alone with my husbands wife, lol. I didn't say that... I want to know if it's haram to talk to her or to see here, not explicitly be alone with...
  17. Anas_L

    I want to have muslim caucasian husband

    Requesting all posts that are hurtful to be removed in this thread... she's new to the site, what are your ethics of manners? SUBHANALLAH. She even apologized. Sister, you did nothing wrong. You would prefer to marry the lighter skinned, and that is absolutely fine.