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    Introduction - New

    Hello, welcome to TTI
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    six millions muslims LEAVE Islam every year !!!

    There is a Huwaiti Islamic Daee who is doing a lot of dawa work in Africa, He is still alive and still doing the work. Having listened to an interview done with him: he said that a lot of African tribes used to be Muslims as they still have remaining practices related to Islam, such as their...
  3. Hatty

    Losing my faith

    "From the big bang creating the universe, to evolution creating life. There is so much evidence for this, it is undeniable" All you did brother that you replaced God with Big Bang and Evolution. You said it was Big bang and Evolution created the universe. So you mean that Big bang is God and...
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    Please Help Me!

    :salam2: One of God's names and attributes is the Creator. And another name and attribute of God is the Eternal. If God ceases to create then he ceases to become a Creator. He always create things. His attribute of being a Creator is Eternal.... So the question is do we need to worship...
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    Is Islam the World's Largest Religion?

    I heard a wise man once saying: We do not look for numbers in our faith. We look for faith in our numbers.
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    Syrians are calling, but we are silent!!!

    Syria is calling, but we are not silent. We are crippled, handicapped, we are not heard.
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    Self Control

    thanks brother. it is very beautiful story....may Allah reward you.
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    Richest Person in the world

    Thanks for sharing....very insightful....may Allah reward you...
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    children killed

    I can only make Duaa to the Syrian people. May Allah make them victorious and grant those who died Jannah....Ameen...
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    Like you said sister. We love all of them. But me personally, I am drawn to Prophet Ibraheem AS. i do not know why. but i love him...
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    we are all with strong...

    :salam2: the man in the sea represents the Syrian people. The Sharks represent the enemy - Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, UN, Hizbullah, USA, and Bashar's armed gangs. The man on the beach represents the Muslim Ummah - and while he is enjoying himself on the beach, he says to the Syrian...
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    Just noticed something

    :jazaak: Alhumdullila Alhumdullila Alhumdullila
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    new member

    salaam and welcome to the site....:salam2:
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    I want to marry.......

    I do not see any wrong doing in what the sister has done. I think it is fine and it is allowed in Islam. I think, Khadija, the first wife of the the prophet SAW, was the one who proposed to the prophet and wanted to marry him. Anyway, correct me if I am wrong.... So I pray that Allah will...
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    Hi all

    Welcome to the site. Good to have you with us.
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    are you happy?

    are you happy?
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    Heart breaking plea to all Muslims...

  18. Hatty

    Sandstorm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (25/2/12)

    :subhanallah: I also saw similar images last year in Kuwait....May Allah guide us and protect us and protect our brothers and sisters everywhere...ameen...
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    Welcome to the site and hopefully you will benefit from it....
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    ‘Jesus predicted coming of Prophet Mohammad’ in Bible found in Turkey

    "Since there is around 500 years in between St Barnabas and the writing of the Bible copy, Muslims may be disappointed to see that this copy does not include things they would like to see. " I would like to respond that we are not disappointed if this copy was not authentic. The Quran is...