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    My poem

    MashaAllah beautifull! especially: "So imma let Gods words decide the way I be" Who cam find a better decide?! :)
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    What impressed you in Islam?

    MashaAllah my dear sisters and brothers! This is really touching, and indeed inspiration for muslims to make da'wah. Therefor the prophet saw says, that we should tell about him even a verse. You never know what will impress people, or what some people have searched for in their hearts...
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    What impressed you in Islam?

    JazakiAllahu khairan for sharing this with us... mashaAllah! May Allah make you succesfull and grant you paradise inshaAllah! wassalam alaikum warahmatullah :)
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    Video Download Islamic movies

    This is the best website ever!! I can download islamic books Free!! :D Jazakallahu khairan for sharing this! May Allah bless you
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    What impressed you in Islam?

    Assalamu alaikum my dear sisters and brother, Hope you are all in the best health and iman :) I have heard many interesting stories about how people reverted to islam, and mashaAllah I say after every story. I just miss something in these stories, what in islam did impress You? I...
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    What does islam say about fur from animals?

    wa'alaikum al salam everyone.. Thank you alle very much. I ask because a newly convert sister asked me if it was ok to wear some gloves made og seal skin :) I personally don't wear fur actually, but I thougt it was a very interesting question, and as one of You said there's not a single...
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    "The Goodly Life" (video)

    I have seen this many many times, and I see it almost every time i'm on the computer! It still brings tears to my eyes... subhanAllah, I really haven't heard somthing more beautiful
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    What does islam say about fur from animals?

    :salam2: Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Hope your all in the best health and imaan :) I just got a question about fur in islam. Is it allright to wear for example fur coats ? I mean genuine fur from animals.. Hope some of you can give me an answer. :hijabi: My Allah...
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    Need Dua

    assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu Ramada mubarak my dear sisters and brothers in islam. I hope you are all in the best health and iman inshaAllah.. If anyone out there knows any duas I can pray for dua Qunut, on witr prayer, then please share with me.. :) wassalam alaikum...
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    MashaAllah, A story of a little girl

    Ya Allahhhh! Allahu akabar! :'( ;'(
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    For all science lovers...

  12. Muslim-life

    Dedicated to those facing hardships

    MASHAALLAAAAAH! Really really beautifull.. I've missed your beautifull poems m cutest sweet sister!!!
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    Getting Married!

    ASMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! MA SISTER!!! :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: MUBAREEEEK INSHAALLAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I'M SO HAPPY ON YOUR WAAAY!! LOLL I'D WISH I WAS WITH YOU FOR YOUR NIKAAAH...
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    Every breath is a precious jewel

    waw MashaAllah..... nothing to say golden words..
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    The best gifts to give

    Indeed! thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Anyone from Roma- Italy?

    Assalamu alaikum :D Thanks everyone.. I've already found a mosque :D the biggest in Europe is in Italy :D I just wanted to know something morer about it.. It's really beautifull mashaAllah you can see it here: :D wassalam...
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    Anyone from Roma- Italy?

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu.. Sister and brother- hope you are all in the best health of iman! InshaAllah i'd like to ask if anyone lives near hotel Bolognese, via paestro?? :D:D hmm are there many muslims in Rome? and mosques? wassalam alikum warahmatullah :hearts:
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    *** YOU CAME TO ME***

    MashaAllah sister.. These pure words really just belong to a pure muslimah as you! mashaAllah I've really missed your such adorable poems! <3 I love you for the sake of Allah, cos "you came to me" in the right time with your strengthening poem..
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    she passed away....pray for her

    Inna Lilah wa inna ilayhi rajeoon! May Allah Bless her and grant her Jannah al firdaus to be a neighbour to the Prophet (saw).... wassalam alaikum warahmatuallah wabarakatuhu
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    Loving Allaah

    Great issue! subhanAllah thanks for sharing this with us.. wassalam alaikum warahmatullah