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    Alhamdulillah Marks & Spencer tells Muslim staff they CAN refuse to serve alcohol or pork

    Furious M&S customers threatened to boycott the store last night for allowing Muslim checkout staff to refuse to serve customers who want to pay for alcohol or pork. Managers at a London store told the workers they could ask any shoppers trying to buy the items to wait until a different till was...
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    WOW! been ages since I logged on - WELL DONE TTI! lovin' it!

    WOW! been ages since I logged on - WELL DONE TTI! lovin' it!
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    Abstaining From Discussions On Internet Forums – Shaykh ‘Abdul-’Azeez al-Bura’ee

    Asalamuaykum, JazakAllah Khair for sharing. This applies to many topics here on TTI that I have come across. But not to argue or anything, sometimes, in some cases, discussion is needed in order to learn, especially when there are so many different "authentic" points of view. I surely would...
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    Can we really carry the burden of our sins?

    Asalamualykum, JazakAllah Khair for this reminder... and how true it is... yesterday I was talking to a Brother at my work and he was telling me about his "awesome" life full of parties and girls. I asked him if his heart was happy. He couldnt answer me. I asked him about his Islamic practice...
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    Closer to Allah, further from family

    JazakAllah khair to all brothers and sisters.... Sister SAM i was aware you were going through the same thing so was looking forward to your reply. I have thought about you when these things happened to me... One ayah that always comes to my mind (posted by kalamazoo and remimded me to bring it...
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    Bridling One's Rage

    Asalamualykum, Beautiful Hadith, JazakAllah Khair..... I will share this with those who need it....
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    Closer to Allah, further from family

    Asalamualykum my dear Brothers and Sisters! Raise your hand if you missed me!!! I missed you all very much. I wish I had the time to sit on TTI like I used to but I have changed jobs (JazakAllah Khair for all who made that dua for me) and i am so super busy and Alhamdulillah so much happier...
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    Which Sister Is More Pious/Virtuous.?

    Asalamualykum, I dont know why I always feel the same way when people bring up such questions. Maybe because im case E. My answer - its none of your business. Ranking a woman on what you see and what you think about her AS COMPARED TO OTHER WOMEN? for what? what does it matter to you? That is...
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    How can I ask Allah for forgiveness and help?

    Walaykum Salaam Brother, Do not dispair in the Mercy of your creator. the answer is simple. Perform your obligations towards Allah, forbit what he has forbidden and simply raised your hands in dua and ...... ASK :) Its that simple. Just ask Allah to forgive you, day and night. You will no...
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    Ramadan Worship Checklist

    Asalmualaykum, Brother, you have opened some reaally beneficial threads on Ramamdaan. Such useful info. I am slowly going through all of it. JazakAllah Khair and may Allah bless you this month and every month. InshAllah we will do our best to reap the best from this blessed month. Keep me in...
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    Newbie from South Africa

    Asalamalaykum Brother :) Im from Zimbabwe! ahlan wa sahlan to TTI! our global family. InshAllah you will learn a lot here. feel free to post topics, questions, InshAllah we all benefit.... BarakAllah feek!
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    What is Shab-e-Baraat ?

    Asalamualykum, There are a few more threads running on the same topic... i answered on the other one. Here are three fatwas that I found which are all concluding that it is biddha to separate this night as being special with specific acts of worship or fasting. IslamQA: fatwa-online...
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    Key word search

    JazakAllah Khair. I figured that one out as well and is what I have been doing since I posted this. "Now dont pester TTI host for a similar report" whats this supposed to mean Brother... should i not feel free to ask such questions if they are helpful to me or other members? your answer surely...
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    The Significance of the Night of Bara'ah (Laylatul Bara'ah)

    Brother the_truth, After reading a few more fatwas (Sheiks Ibn Baz, Ibn 'Uthaymeen, others on IslamQA) it seems that Brother Ron-kid's post is the most unanimous...... ie that all forms of extra worship or worship for extra rewards is biddah.
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    The Significance of the Night of Bara'ah (Laylatul Bara'ah)

    Asalamualykum, But how can that be when our whole lives have already been written for us before we even existed. This is the decree of our Lord. It has already been set out for us. Where is it written that this is the night where the next year gets determined? Last night someone told me its...
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    Wipping face after dua

    Asalamualykum, Yip! Absolutely correct. I am one such person. Also I have come to doubt everything i hear from a subcontinental person... which is really bad and sad, but thats how i have become. I dont believe anything anyone tells me about religion until I find out myself.
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    The Significance of the Night of Bara'ah (Laylatul Bara'ah)

    Asalamualaykum Jazakallah khair for sharing this. I have one question. What is the significance? I mean what makes this night special. What I know is that our "books" get closed and new ones open so we should seek forgiveness for our sins as its the last chance so to speak. Any clarification...
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    New here and to learning about Islam

    Warm welcome to TTI :) This site is a gold mine of information. There isnt enough time in the day to learn amazing things through this site. Simple use search or ask directly. The awesome Brothers and Sisters here are always ready to help. I pray InshAllah you will find your guidance quickly...
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    UAE - Camel Jocky Slave Kids 2011

    Asalamualykum, I'd like to know what year this was taken in?
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    My Terrorism Case

    Asalamualykum Brother, We were all very distressed when we heard about what happened to you and you were most definitely in all our duas. Alhamdulillah, you are home now. May Allah continue to protect you and your family Brother. Our duas are always with you. Dont let them stop you from...