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    LOL i think my font was a bit toooo big! lol:hearts:
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    :wasalam: Hey sis! welcome to TTI, hope u enjoy ur stay here, and hope u gain a lot from this site!! Take Care, and welcome once again! :D x
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    A Beneficial story..

    wow! mashallah! a really nice and inspiring story....sooo true. thanx for sharing! =)
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    i agree with brother Ibn Adam, sis its really good that you want to spread the religion of islam, masha'Allah. But its vital that you do it in the correct way. I think you need to understand islam fully yourself, we need to make sure the knowledge and info we pass is accurate and correct. you...
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    Introducing myself

    salaam brother. welcome to the site, and most of all welcome to islam! i find it truly amazing how you found the true path to life. hope you enjoy your stay here! :)
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    ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!

    Mashallah! Alhumdulillah....i really like the poem. Ive been tellin u since day1 that you have got talent! Thanx for sharing it with us! take care ur baaji! wasalaam. :)
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    Here on TTI

    asalaam aleykum, i pray you get better in health. ameen. May allah(swt) make this time easy for you. ameen. take care. i will remember you in my du'as. wa'salaam
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    First steps of getting married

    salaam, lol...ur p.s defo made me laugh!...bless...dnt print questions out...he will feel lyk hes come to an interview, or school or sumthing. anyway...i personally think u should just let the whole thing flow...obv be prepared but dont make it sound like uv been practising the whole speech...
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    Salaam, lol...omg i have the same problem!...its 2am, i'm awake coz i need to prepare for a presentation...and instead im readin all this and posting!!....this time last year...i went through the same problem too...i didn't have any sleep for a whole week!...i looked like Dr Hyde! me i...
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    The red and blue coat

    salaam, lol....that was a good story, thank you for sharing it brother :D wasalaam
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    My life experience make me change and more closer to Allah

    Asalaam aleykum Dear sister, your story bought tears to my eyes, your story is very inspirational. It just shows that there are people out there who suffer and have patience with Allah(swt). You and your family will inshallah be rewarded for your patience.Ameen. You are very lucky, as Allah...
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    excuse my use of language

    salaam, don't worry about it bro...its not much of a deal... wasalaam
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    wow!...a very good story, has a really good message to it.
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    iam angry

    That is totally ridiculous, these ppl are just total losers, and seriously pathetic...dont knw wat they getin out of it....but we shudn't think bout it too much...their goal is aimless...i feel sori for the silly sods...
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    Post your own inventions!

    lol...haha...i like the cookie n cup....n OMG those alarm clocks wud drive me mad (just hope there breakproof!)...all the evention luk ded funi n kul...
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    Small Voices From Gaza

    mashallah really nice poem lil Abz! You got great talent! Mashallah! Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Do You Love CHOCOLATE???

    AWH! i want some chocolate now!!! funny coz i havent got any at home at the moment i put my self cocopops with milk instead!lool thanx for the thread sis...mmmm really tempting!
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    **Freaky game**

    LMAO! sick game! lol
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    please help... losing a beloved

    salaam, sister i am really sorry to hear ur story, its sad....i dont know the answers to ur questions above, but all i can say is that having patience will gain u a lot of reward. there is a hadith im sure which says that Allah does not put burden on ur life which he knows u cant deal...
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    Our Prophet Muhammad SAW and his 9 year old wife?

    wow brother Rashadi ur story was very interesting and touching....and you also explained the story of Hazrat Aisha(r.a) marriage really well...well done:)