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  1. ruki4eva

    Hello im new :)

    welcome to the forum pat,, hope enjoy ur stay here :) and its great to have you here with us hope find this site useful. :SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206:
  2. ruki4eva


    :salam2: maa shaa allah :) may Allah swt bless you both with happiness in the dunya and akhiraah and bless you with pious children in shaa allah :tti_sister:Ameen. :wasalam:
  3. ruki4eva

    How much I wish....

    :salam2: Aameen sis yup in shaa allah.. maa shaa allah :D :hearts:i love you too for the sake of Allah & wish to be under his shade in shaa allah :) with you by my side:tti_sister: take care sis jazakillahu khaiyr :wasalam:
  4. ruki4eva

    Forgive others if we want forgiveness for ourselves

    :salam2: jazakaallahu khaiyr for such a beautiful reminder!! :ma: May Allah help us forgive eachother in shaa allah :hearts: :wasalam:
  5. ruki4eva

    How much I wish....

    :salam2: jazakillahu khaiyr my dear sis alhamdulillah im much better than been going through hard times but alhamdulillah after hard times comes ease yhh :):hearts: feels great sis to read such a wonderfull post love ur poems maa shaa allah keep it up!!!:D :D hows u doing sis?? hope you are...
  6. ruki4eva

    Abdul Wali al-arkani..

    :salam2: :wasalam: sorry if the quality isn't good i converted it to mp3.. :)
  7. ruki4eva

    Mo'eed al mazeen

    :salam2: :wasalam: very beautiful maa shaa allah
  8. ruki4eva

    Abdul Wali al-arkani..

    waa allaykum sallam yeah in shaa allah :) jazakallahu khaiyr by the way for your effort may Allah swt accept it from youu :)
  9. ruki4eva

    Soorah al-Qamar recited by Abdullaah Basfaar with English Trans (Aslam Athar)

    :salam2: jazakallahu khaiyr for sharing.. :ma: :wasalam:
  10. ruki4eva

    All Quran Mp3 Sites in the World.!!

    :salam2: :wasalam:
  11. ruki4eva

    How much I wish....

    :salam2: subhaanaallah sis that was truely beautiiful wallahi.. :ma: jazakillahu khaiyr sis for sharing :hearts: May Allah accept it from you ameen :tti_sister: :wasalam:
  12. ruki4eva


    :salam2: wow!! sis maa shaa allah how cute..:D by the way yusra is a nice name maa shaa allah :hearts: hope everything goes well for you and May Allah make yusra a pious muslimaah!!! :D Ameen!:tti_sister: :wasalam:
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    :salam2: :wasalam:
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    :salam2: :wasalam:
  15. ruki4eva

    Abdul Wali al-arkani..

    :salam2: :wasalam:
  16. ruki4eva

    Which heart is yours???

    :salam2: jazakallahu khaiyr for such a good thread:ma: :wasalam:
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    :salam2: :wasalam:
  18. ruki4eva

    'Dil badal De' AMAZING URDU NASHEED or naat :P

    :salam2: here are some urdu naats hope u will like them... :wasalam:
  19. ruki4eva

    Abdul Wali al-arkani..

    finally!! lol it uploaded
  20. ruki4eva

    Abdul Wali al-arkani..

    :wasalam: hehe your most welcome brother yeah i no maa shaa allah he recites it all in just one breath.. i wanted to upload another recitation by him but its not uploading for some reason.