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    Interesting find!!

    He used a verse from the QURAN to back his point that there is life out there ..and that verse goes in the line of : (allah) has scattered many creatures between the heavens and the earth !! [042:029] And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and the crawling creatures He...
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    Something I've been thinking about fxCTAzvDWfQ
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    :salam2: AiQ8rJX6WlA&feature Time: 5:20 onwards :wasalam:
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    Economic System of the Quran

    Compensation of labour It has been mentioned earlier that there is a difference between the availability of land' versus other fonns of sustenance (i.e. light, heat, air and water). Whereas most types of sustenance already exist in a useable fonn, food has to be produced from the land by...
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    Economic System of the Quran

    :salam2: Found this interesting [I know quite long though]. The Quran is not a book containing religious advice and counsel, nor does it teach the rituals of worship. It contains a complete code and practical guide for every aspect of human life, with which humanity can establish a...
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    I have looked at most of the leading newspapers of Pakistan [Geo news, Express news, Jang, Dawn, The News and The Nation] but couldn't find any confirmation [unless of course if I overlooked it]. ** I am not claiming that the incident never happened, just that I couldn't find any...
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    Name that Surrah!

    :salam2: Jazak'Allah Khair sister, The Imam at my mosque recites these two Surahs every Jummah, he has been doing this atleast for the past 4-5 Friday Salaat. :wasalam:
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    Name that Surrah!

    :salam2: brother, First Ra'kah: Surah Al-Ala [Surah 87] Second Ra'kah: Surah Al-Ghasshiyah [Surah 88] :wasalam:
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    Caliph Umar's {R.A} pivotal role

    Despite much rhetoric on the part of governments of various hues, good governance, rule of law and real democracy is a dream that unfortunately does not seem to come true in the Islamic world. For a sincere government, however, there is a lot to learn in the way Hazrat Umar [R.A], the...
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    Proving Allahs and Islams existance

    :salam2:, brother, Time: 4:00 onwards 98fe03s4LMs :wasalam:
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    Proving Allahs and Islams existance

    :salam2: brother, No, I haven't. Time: 5:50 onwards 95CltEhOm_k :wasalam:
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    Proving Allahs and Islams existance

    The rational arguments, those that would prove the existence of God - the rational arguments can usually be put into one of 3 categories: The ontological, The cosmological, and The teleological arguments. Without dealing with any of them right now I can tell you that they are all faulty...
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    blessed boy

    Second that.
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    Question from a revert muslim

    There are three distinct spheres in each of which God's Will works differently. In the realm of "Amr," it is not subject to any laws : it is a law unto itself. In the universe which He has created, His Will assumes the shape of immutable laws to which all physical beings are subject. These...
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    What does 786 mean?

    :salam2: sister, yahoo answers is probably not the best source for Islamic knowledge [or for any other information for that matter] May Allah swt guide us closer to the truth. :wasalam:
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    What does 786 mean?

    Where did he get that from? What's funny is that he than went on to say; 'Muslims in their ignorance'.....
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    Darwin's Theory

    A concise reply to atheism: Darwin theory discussed here:
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    Your prayers please.

    :salam2: May Allah swt make things easy for you and your family. :wasalam:
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    Sister Aminah Assilmi passed away