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    1 great way to get closer to Allah

    Very nice video brother. very informative.
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    Crown Prince Naif Dies

    :salam2: Totally agree with you. these rulers have hijacked the deen of Allah.
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    Recitation criticism

    :wasalam: Your recitation is goood mashallah. keep it up my brother. may allah bless you.
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    Kind request for your duas for my father's surgery

    :salam2: inshallah brother it will go well. our prays are with you and your family.
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    Got married this sunday.

    Jazakallah khayr brothers and sisters for the duas. may allah bless you all also. for sending sweets, i need addresses :p
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    Got married this sunday.

    Jazakallah khayr brothers and sisters for the duas. may allah bless you all also
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    :wasalam: dont worry, i remember you. i am korai_28 , changed my name.welcome back and inshallah you learn more from tti
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    Yes, We remember you. welcome back and may allah give shifa to your grandfather.
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    Got married this sunday.

    :salam2: I got married this Sunday allhamdullillah. the marriage went very good. please pray for me and my wife. P.S. i am korai_28 in case some one doesn't recognize me :p
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    Shame us muslims

    What a common and powerless man can do, absolutely nothing. further more watching such videos makes us even more depressed. i wish i could help but i cant do anything.
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    :salam2: looks tasty. hope to eat it someday inshallah
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    I want to marry.......

    I think she did the right thing,
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    So I am 23 years old..but.......

    Professional. Islamic knowledge he will learn in the process.
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    Would you consider?

    I said Yes. :p
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    Saag Next letter is G
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    How to stop hurting

    Dear sister, your post made me cry really. it was so painful reading your post. i know how it feels. i can only pray for you sister. may allah make it easy for you and bring joy in your life. i felt extremely sad after reading your post.
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    Is there an ignore feature?

    i think there is a feature called ignore user. it has the same function i guess
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    Lost friends and family

    for reverts is always difficult. may allah help you sister. we can only pray
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    Naan.... :P
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    and his friend could not resist to come back as well Grape :p Next letter is E