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  1. the_angels_ears

    Joy?! What is joy?

    Masha'Allah.. Very deep and heart felt.
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    My sins block my dua

    Masha'Allah.. Tear tear
  3. the_angels_ears

    Our Future

    Masha'Allah.. This gave me goosebumps.
  4. the_angels_ears

    A Poem about Paradise

    Masha'Allah, very deep and well put together.
  5. the_angels_ears

    The Book Involving You!

    Subhan'Allah! Alhamdullilah! Allahu Akbar !
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    What I'm made up of!

    Subhan'Allah! Looking back
  7. the_angels_ears

    Ya Allah

    :75: A m e e n
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    Ya Allah

  9. the_angels_ears

    What Happened?

    :hijaby: Masha'Allah.. Loved reading this again after all this time.
  10. the_angels_ears

    What is the purpose of this life?

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  12. the_angels_ears

    Don't Mock Me Today!

    :12-angry-blue:Wow.. Blast from the past
  13. the_angels_ears

    words of a wisdom

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  15. the_angels_ears

    Acknowledging weakness..

    :SMILY71: Masha'Allah! Very good advice
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    That Shaitan!

    :rolleyes: Jazak'Allah khair, I usually like to write like that, maybe I was experimenting
  17. the_angels_ears

    Move on for Allah

    Jazak'Allah khair for all your kind words. Big thankyou to a_stranger for high lighting my words. May Allah bless you all abundantly.. Ameen.
  18. the_angels_ears

    Who am I?

    Subhan'Allah! Sitting here reminiscing. Peace to every reader