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    Saudi religious police ban pet cats and dogs

    hahahaha..a cat on a leash..never seen that before!! lol
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    haddi ka soup???

    oh i love pae...yummy
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    haddi ka soup???

    :salam2: i thnk you just boil the hadi ( bone ) till all the goodness comes out into the water..then add whatever else you want....hope you mum gets better mum had osteoperosis too..just look after her and make sure she gets plenty of calcium
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    ** We tend to forget to make Dua!!?? **

    :salam2: JazakAllah for the reminder :)
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    my father is...

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon May Allah grant your father jannatul firdaus and may he grant you and your family patience in this difficult time..Ameen
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    Any one cook with Ghee

    how about using olive oil....thats what i use... I hardly ever deep fry anything though
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    Any one cook with Ghee

    Iv'e never actually cooked with ghee myself...when i was living in pakistan food ( mainly that came from outside..restaurants etc) was cooked in ghee..if u put it in the fridge the ghee used to go hard...maybe it was just bad quality thats why!
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    Any one cook with Ghee

    I find ghee really heavy!!!...and it gets hard if u refidgerate something youve made with ghee....i dont like that :s
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    Fold your T-shirt the Japanese way (Time saving)

    That video is up on the hijab shop website aswell..ive tried doing it so many times but its never as perfect as in the video :lol:
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    20 ways to help Palestine

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    hate being stubborn!!

    brother bottlecap is right...a lot of the times stubborness comes with pride...we think we know better and refuse to listen to or understand other peoples opinions...i think a good way to get rid of the disease of pride is to read what the Quran and hadith have to say about those with...
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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    Actually sister Isra you do have a good point....What we need to strive for is the middle path...It's up to us pakistanis though..we should promise our selves that once we are able to, inshAllah we will do something to change the situation of our country... :)
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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    I agree completely There are no versions of islam i agree, however we cannot deny that there are different interpretations if islam. As someone else here said, untill and unless the pakistani youth is given proper education they will blindly follow the present interpretation without using...
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    I can’t decide

    Salam, theres such a wide choice Medicine Teaching Engineering Social work youth work Psychology Academia and so on
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    Funny: Calf eating Chickens

    i wonder how the cow is digesting the meat...chewing is probably hard aswell as becuase cows teeth are not made for eating meat..strange very strange...i guess the vet is probably right about the cow lacking certain nutrients...difficiencies often cause cravings for stange things such as chalk...
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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    i did read the article...what im trying to say is..that the pak turk school is not reducing the amount of religion....there is nt much religion in most of the schools anyway...and the ones which do have it...they pay no attention to other education..or even traslation of the quran etc
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    Turkish Schools Offer Pakistan a Gentler Vision of Islam

    Having lived and studied in Pakistan for 12 years i am quite familiar with the system of education in pakistan, both in private and government schools. This is not a reduction in the amount of religion being taught regular schools there is only one subject called " islamiate" which is...
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    salam, Don#t worry sister put your trust in Allah and you will be fine inshAllah.. Brother osman can you please post the translation of the duas you wrote down..i would be extremely thankful :) Walaikum assalam
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    Harry Potthead's Magic

    are you serious???? was that for real???If it was then maybe i take back my u sure thats an authentic case??? shouldnt be laughing ....i wonder who the girls wanted to change them selves into...its crazy how simply mixing stuff together could turn out to be