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  1. whitehijab


    Craving chocolates too!!! And just ate Cadbury. Soo heaven =)
  2. whitehijab

    Simple Good deeds for All of us to do everyday!

    MashaAllah, thank u soo much for such beneficial information. U must read a lot don't u. May Allah grant u as much as u deserves insyaAllah.
  3. whitehijab

    Who is your out most favourite reciter

    :salam2: i voted for Saad AlGhamdi :hijabi: i love to hear his recitation of Quran. but it would b wonderful too if i know the meaning of the Quran like most Arabic does :shymuslima1: take care, Allah with all of u insyaAllah. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    little girl answering very important Questions

    :salam2: thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful video. i love to watch it. may Allah grant the little girl a happy life in this and after life insyaAllah :hearts: and thanks for the translations too :hijabi: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    a wishing and a dreaming

    :salam2: i just finished my class alhamdulillah. i love ais cream too, a lot!!! but i'm on diet now so hv to becareful on what i'm eating hehe i wish to meet my family. i miss them soo much :girl3: and u know what, i got a lot of invitation cards from my friends for their weeding and...
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    very cute kids pictures

    :salam2: thanks for sharing all the cute picts sister. i love to see them all :ma: i hv 1 favourite pict to show u all, she's very adorable :hearts: hope the pict i attached can b seen insyaAllah. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    "Count Yourself Before You are Counted"

    :salam2: thanks a lot 4 sharing. its very good reminder. i hv this kind of list too. we make it in a table for everyday living and insyaAllah it'll make easier for us to check on what we'r doing. b4 sleeping, check the list and make muhasabah on how far we spent time for our hereafter life...
  8. whitehijab

    Nuturing Marital Love

    :salam2: alhamdulillah this wonderful article really mean to me. did u write it urself sister :ma: hope that we can benefits from it insyaAllah. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    something to share...

    :salam2: i got this from my friend through email. i want to share it with my brothers and sisters. everythings happened is in Allah's will and He knows best. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    you think you're missing the boat by not dating

    :salam2: thanks a lot for the advice and reminder. btw, it is hard regarding this matter but we hv to try our best though. try to lower ur gaze, that's what important. Allah with all my brothers and sisters insyaAllah. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    Nice Isalmic avatar

    :salam2: btw, i hv pictures too to share with my sisters and brothers. but don't know how to show it like sister tulipflower does. i attached the files...hope that u can open and view it insyaAllah :shymuslima1: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    Nice Isalmic avatar

    :salam2: terima kasih (thank u) for sharing those beautiful avatars with us :hijabi: i would like to use it for my desktop...can i? :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    What is your opinion of this?

    :salam2: owh ok, i got ur msg..with respect sorry about that brother i misunderstand it b4 :shymuslima1: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
  14. whitehijab

    free Books Download

    :salam2: thank u soo much for the benefitial links. i'll look forward to read them insyaAllah. thanks to others who also attached the informative links. not to forgot to brother crescent2003 for staring this thread, lot of thanks :hijabi: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    What is your opinion of this?

    :salam2: brother cordoba, i don't think sister Dianek's intention is to support the link...she just want to express her feelings about them... Allah knows best. :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    Little Scholar :)

    :salam2: :ma: no words to say. she's soo adorable and talented. may her live coming is blessed insyaAllah :hearts: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
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    This is My Son (age 5) reciting qu'ran

    :salam2: sister Dianek, proud with ur adorable son :ma: i love to hear his Quran reading, plus ur daughters voice hehe i saw ur daughter walked pass her brother while he is reciting the surahs, i thought mayb she try to catch her brother's attention hehe may Allah abundent ur family a...
  18. whitehijab

    where do you prefer?

    :salam2: very interesting topic!! i never thought about it though :shymuslima1: i just been thinking about how to raise my children, how to be the best wife to my husband and the ummi for my kids (even i'm not married yet hehe) since that it's impossible for me to find home at any islamic...
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    Pink Hijab Day!

    pinky cute hijabi... :salam2: :SMILY308: :lol: just kidding.. pink is cute though. mayb i hv to buy 1 insyaAllah :hearts: :wasalam: :muslim_child:
  20. whitehijab

    please help me to translate...

    thank u... :salam2: thank u soo much for ur both help. alhamdulillah coz at least i know the meaning now :hijabi: take care :wasalam: :muslim_child: