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    Hairpins and Wudhu

    :salam2: I have never heard this either but I do think it is important to make sure the water does reach the roots and hair clips towards the front or pinning back your fringe could obstruct this. I typically have my hair up at the back but no pins clips in the front so my wet fingertips reach...
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    For sisters!

    :salam2: May Allah reward you for your efforts, sister :) Jazak Allahu Khair, catherine iman, Wassalam.
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    Coming out of the closet...

    :salam2: I think this was good advice from Islam!!yay, put the idea out there and gage from their reaction. Insha Allah, it will be better than you expected. I wasted 16 years of worrying about wearing hijab although I had wanted to for a while before I finally made the commitment. A lot of...
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    Non muslim here

    Good morning Kathy :) I am happy you have come to this wonderful website to take a look and learn more about Islam. I was raised in Ireland and attended convent school for 12 years but I never quite fitted in in Catholicism myself. I have been Muslim now since I was 21. Feel free to ask me...
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    :salam2: Jazak Allahu Khair, some of my favourite nasheeds, thank you for sharing the downloads. :wasalam:
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    New Muslimah.....

    :salam2: Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Congratulations sweet sister. I hope everything is going well with your stay in Morocco. You have a new lease on life, Alhamdulillah :) catherine iman
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    Mirajmom is in need of your dua

    :salam2: dear sister, you and your son are in my duaa. Please let us know that everything is okay with his health and that the bullies were disciplined appropriately. It is a heartwrenching story from another mother, I really feel for you. May Allah grant your son a full recovery physically...
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    Prayers for my Sister-in-Law

    :salam2: Your sister-in-law is in my duaa, may she have an excellent recovery, Insha Allah.
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    The problem with Islam is...

    :salam2: You are a wonderful sister :ma: and you are in my duaa along with Sister Sarah and Sister Palestine :) and all the wonderful sisters I have on tti. I have missed you all so much and need to spend time here again with this most loving e-ummah :) Your sister in Islam. Wassalam
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    Hi Everyone.

    :salam2: ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAHU AKBAR! Congratulations, brother:) There are many reverts on this forum that can help you :) I am Irish and became Muslim some 17 years ago and for me it was the best decision I ever made, Alhamdulillah. catherine iman, wassalam.
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    The problem with Islam is...

    :salam2: dearest sister, I have been thinking of you and I have not been on tti really for quite some time now... I am busy trying to defend Islam on youtube and help out some of the younger reverts to Islam on that channel.... it is a constant challenge but Alhamdulillah. I have never come...
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    [I Dont Know What To Write As The Title :$]

    :salam2: and welcome to tti. Pretty name, sister :) your sister, catherine iman :wasalam:
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    The Prophet's Last Sermon

    :salam2: :ma: I love to read our beloved Prophet's last sermon :) This version seems slightly shorter than the translations I have read before (I noticed under.. Nobody has superiority over another except by piety). In other translations, it goes into more detail like "arab over non-arab or...
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    An experience in london ,,

    :salam2: I would go again, Insha Allah, and study some Deedat videos and maybe Yusuf Estes, also :) This may be a wonderful opportunity for dawah even if it touches just one person in the room. I didn't know they did a thanksgiving type thing in London (i thought that was just americans)...
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    The story of Uwais Al-Qarni

    :salam2: Very nice, Jazak Allahu Khair. :wasalam:
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    americans fearing islamic banking

    :salam2: Islamophobes must be shaking in their boots, lolol! Jazak Allahu Khair for sharing, very interesting. :wasalam:
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    the fort dix 6 found guilty

    :salam2: I agree with you, brother, they are guilty until proven innocent. It reminds me of one of the cases in England with the Guilford 4 (they made a film, Not without my father) and there was a father and son and two other guys imprisoned as the police were under pressure to convict...
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    Marriage: Islamically/Legally?

    :salam2: i was just making sure u knew that a secret marriage is not a marriage. However, getting married at the masjid with a wali and two witnesses should be fine, Insha Allah. :wasalam:
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    Marriage: Islamically/Legally?

    :salam2: if you do not have a wali, the Imam may agree to be a wali for your marriage. any particular reason why you would not also like a civil ceremony? a marriage must have two witnesses and a wali and not be a secret - this protects both parties. :wasalam:
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    THE JEWEL OF MADINA,an offensive portyal of Islam!!!

    :salam2: Jazak Allahu Khair, Sister. This is more disturbing news. It is hard to know really what is the best action. I remember watching an Ahmed Deedat video about that awful book by Salman Rushdie. The truth is that the book was utter rubbish and was offensive to Muslims as well as many...