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    The story of Ahmed

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    Adding Videos To A Thread

    Jazaka-Allajh kheir.. Please for all who see this post please post to all blogs.. and streams on the internet.. let us put the truth out there -
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    Adding Videos To A Thread

    Cn somone please post this youtube clip on my behalf I followed all the instructions to the T... but for some reason it is not working for me! ""
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    This is a must watch Palestinian 101 - Please post this and distribute it to whom ever and where eve

    For some reason i can not post this link! I may have no rights to do so! If any one in the forum can assist me please feel free to do so! Jazakallah Kheir
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    This is a must watch Palestinian 101 - Please post this and distribute it to whom ever and where eve

    "" Please buy the book and forward the truth!
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    Series of Omar Ibn khatab

    ASA A. Amin. I am interested in completing the shows. Do you know where I can watch the rest. Jazak-Allah Kheir.
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    Aslama Alaikum! I purchased UFM31 and I really do not know how to download Quran to it. Can someone please help me. Jazakallah
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    Series of Omar Ibn khatab

    Jaza-Allah Sis, It was amazing. I studied the Seerah... and the movie outlined it quiet nicely. Where do you get the download of the english subtitles... you posted 23 shows..
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    Series of Omar Ibn khatab

    Asalama Alaikum.I was watching the series of Omar Ibn Khatab RA in Arabic with English subtitles. but I can not find it again. Can some one please direct me to this thread. Jazak-Allah
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    forgeting your "Nader"

    Jazakallah Brother Ayman. I had a gut feeling that either that or fasting a continous of 3 days..... :salam2:
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    forgeting your "Nader"

    Jazakallah for this info! but this does not explain on what I should do on my forgotten Nader:girl3:
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    forgeting your "Nader"

    :salam2: I want to know if a person made Nader with Allah Azawajal and forgot what it was. What should a person do when one forgets sincerely what it was! Jazakallah!
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    <<< Spreading the 'ILM >>>

    TAWHID The Statement of Allah azawajl. "And He is the All-Mighty, the All Wise(V.14:14) "Glorified be your Lord, the Lord of Honour and Power.(He is free)from what they attribute unto Him" (V.37:180). "But Honour, Power and Glory belong to Allah and His Messenger......"(V.63:8) Chapter 3 The...
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    Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship

    :salam2:Let us all the family in TTI make a collective Dua whole heartly to Allah azajwajal to help the people of Gaza and the people on board the humanitarian ships. I condemn all the muslim nations for doing nothing for our fellow brothers and sisters. Oh Allah forgive our sins and accept...
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    Madonna Johnson "..All of my turmoil and anxiety was gone.."

    Jazakallah for sharing your wonderful story! May Allah azawajal grant you Janatul Ferdos bi-idmillah! Make Dua for us Sister Inshallah:tti_sister::tti_sister:
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    What is your all time favourite video... POST HERE

    My all time favourite Life of Muhammad (SAW) Makkan Period Life of Muhammad (SAW) Medina Period Lecture by Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki "sorry do not know how to download as a thread"
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    What is your all time favourite video... POST HERE

    :salam2:Brother Ayman! I was not able to view this! Inshall resubmit, if you can! Jazakallah
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    Great News;can't wait to share it with all

    Mashallah! Mabrook, May your studies benefit the muslim ummah and Islam as whole. May your journey benefit the non believers and bring them back to Islam. Inshallah my advise to you my young brother, Islam is way of life. Live like a muslim and that will bring you alot of peace and...
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    tears...Dua's needed so much pls

    :tti_sister: May Allah Azawajal ease your hardship and may Subhanahuwatalla grant all that is in your heart and remove all the pain and suffering in all the muslim Ummah:tti_sister: - Ameen