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  1. ahmad al magtani

    Video gaming news blog halal or haram?

    If the content are haram like *!*!*!*!ography etc, no doubt the content indeed haram and we can change the channel or turn it off but there are also good and beneficial content and we can watch it. but I respect you, if you don't have TV or never want to watch you...
  2. ahmad al magtani

    Video gaming news blog halal or haram?

    so brother ayyub, television is also haram then.....:):):):)......, in my opinion the content is what make whether television or video games haram or not, not the TV or video games itself:):)
  3. ahmad al magtani

    Video gaming news blog halal or haram?

    wa alaeykom salam well bro, I dunno if video game itself is halal or haram but if the news have its benefit, i think it is ok :) :)
  4. ahmad al magtani

    few questions

    sorry bro, IMHO = In My Humble Opinion, not honest. thank for the correction :)
  5. ahmad al magtani

    Can our Prophet (saw) hear in his grave?

    Thank you brother, in my opinion if ordinary people can hear the footsteps of people leaving after burying him/her and even kuffar in battle of badr can, then Our Prophet (PBUH) definitely can also hear of course with the permission of Allah (swt).
  6. ahmad al magtani

    I was shocked when I watched this movie...

    wa'alaikumsalam That was only some people who indeed exaggerated to express their love and that was wrong. But the others didn't do such thing, they go there to send dua to Imam Husein a.s and remembering the tragedy of Karbala as struggle opposing the tyrant. Don't generalize everything.:):)
  7. ahmad al magtani

    Can our Prophet (saw) hear in his grave?

    but, Can the Prophet (PBUH) hear with the permission of Allah?:):):) I believe the prophet can InsyaAllah.
  8. ahmad al magtani

    few questions

    waalikumsalam well IMHO I think if you mean next life=in heaven 1.yes we still pray, since we are all Allah creation, we will stop pray if we are does not exist(vanish). our prophet will take the lead. 2.yes sister still, since it is not only one or two person(men/women) live there 3.yup we can...
  9. ahmad al magtani

    Role Models of the Muslim Ummah

    world is just an illusion, we take just what we need only.
  10. ahmad al magtani


    well then, i think the imam will come :), but please not just only waiting and start to participate to save the humanity, that would be better :)
  11. ahmad al magtani

    Asalamu Alaikum

    wa aleikumsalam 70% fine thank you, welcome back!!!:)
  12. ahmad al magtani

    Sermons and Letters of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (r.a))

    beautiful, I have the book and have read it, its full of knowledge which are deep very deep.
  13. ahmad al magtani


    I dunno, what do you think about current situation????:)
  14. ahmad al magtani

    can shaii and sunni get married

    Shia and sunni united!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Agree with sis queen :)
  15. ahmad al magtani

    Do Not Marry 7 Types of Women

    The source please....
  16. ahmad al magtani


    assalamualaikum thank for you prayer, I believe our TTi member from indonesia in safe condition, the tsunami hit mentawai islands west side from sumatra island near hindia sea,our government say it is about 343 people lost their life and 338 is still missing,I pray for Allah mercy and patient...
  17. ahmad al magtani

    which one is the best pray?

    :salam2: compare the beauty, glory and spirituality of this chapter, used in the Muslims' prayers, with the Lord's prayer, used by the Christians in their prayer: In the name of Allāh, the Beneficent, the Merciful (1). All praise is due to Allāh, the Lord of the Worlds (2). The...
  18. ahmad al magtani

    "Leaving Islam" bus ads hit the streets

    if we leave islam,then we will be OK to be murdered???Ha hahahahahah,,,hahahah,,,:) what kind of rule is that???, never heard before...,hahahahahha..sorry so funny
  19. ahmad al magtani

    Warning for the Last Judgment

    God?????who is GOD???? Allah is My Lord and your Lord not GOD!!!
  20. ahmad al magtani


    give to both of them will be nice......