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    Is "Reiki" haraam? Please advise with evidence

    Assalaamualaykum my respected brothers and sisters in Islam, I hope you are all doing well insha'Allah.. To cut to the chase I am working within a mental health setting in helping promote a recovery within individuals who are experiencing emotional distress/ mental health problems. Recently...
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    REQUEST: Duaas for me being successful inshallah

    Assalaamualaykum my dear sisters, INSHALLAH Allah makes it easy for me and Ameeen to all your duaas... thank you so much for your kindness... really has soothed my heart... I am glad I am able to come here for support and duaas and has been troubling me for some time since I...
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    REQUEST: Duaas for me being successful inshallah

    Assalaamualaykum brothers and sisters... I have a big request to ask of you who are reading my thread... I have just recently started my new job... but I am finding it really difficult at the moment and its taking time to settle in...its making me feel a bit down :o( if you could all...
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    My beloved grandfather has passed away today :(

    Insh'Allah Ameeen may our grandparents be granted the highest rank in Jannah fardosh inshallah..thank you sister :tti_sister: xx
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    My beloved grandfather has passed away today :(

    Jazaakhallah khairun my beloved brothers and sisters... my heart is in comfort after seeing your wbest wishes and duaas for my grandparents.. Insh'allah may Allah forgive their sins and grant them jannah fardosh Ameen... My grandfather was amazing.. subhaanallah lived till he was 110 years...
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    My beloved grandfather has passed away today :(

    Asssalaamualykum my brothers and sisters, Just a request really more than anything.... my grandfather has passed away today in Pakistan :-( Please pray on his behalf that insha'allah Allah makes it easy for him and grants us patience to deal with his death and make us more humble and stronger...
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    Jazakhallah for your kind best wishes and duas you are all in ma duaas my lovely brothers and sisters inshallah.. Jummah Mubarak to all :) :hijabi:
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    Wudhoo needed after full bath?

    Assalamualykum all.. Very random subject matter but I really wanted to ask your advice or pick your brains as they say... if you have a full bath/ shower and bathe yourself.. is wudhoo needed after in order to pray or would it be permissible to pray without it..? Please advice my wonderful...
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    alhamdulilah am nw a graduate and have officially qualified as an occupational therapist.. ALL THANKS TO ALLAH :D xx
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    salaam everybody.. :ma: random post.. just wanted to share that subhaanallah im very happy today maashallah allah has made me very happy n av achieved sumfink wich previously i kept gettin setbacks fo.. MAASHALLAH thank u so much allah i love u dearly n please forgive me fo ma weak...
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    What's your degree or education background?

    wow.. i dont know what to say but MAASHALLAH for all the varied and talents everyone has and is pursuing may allah inshallah make it easy for us all... am still completing my studies please my brothers n sisters if you could please include a duaa for me during ramadhaan that inshallah allah...
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    ANYONE recieve this email within your private messages?

    the message was sent by drimi? but drimi has messaged in this post, im kinda confused lol! but yes do not ever reply to these kind of messages may allah protect us inshallah
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    ANYONE recieve this email within your private messages?

    Thank you all!!! :) phew! lol
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    PLEASE help me pray 4 me :( failed b4 getting my degree

    Salaaam all, just wanted to say a big thank you for being there for me and offering me such great advice! Your words have inspired me and helped me to look on the bright side of things.. may allah make it easy for us all inshallah... ramadhan mubarak to everybody... you are all in my duaas...
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    Ramadaan highway code poster

    I've also recieved this!! its really good :)
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    ANYONE recieve this email within your private messages?

    Assalaamualykum everybody hope you are well inshallah... i recieved this email Im not sure what u think of it... see below jazaakhalla kahirun :) URGENT Respond Omar Email ahm1omar*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! I am Amed William ,son of late Mr and Mrs Omar William . My father was a very...
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    please make dua

    Assalaamualykum, I shall make alot of duaas inshallah regarding you relatives.. keep strong and keep faith may allah inshallah make it easy for you all.
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    MAASHALLAH more inspiring videos if you are feeling in despair*

    Assalamualykum all, come across more inspiring youtube videos...(find below) maashallah keep faith, Allah is near he loves us..May Allah inshallah accept all of our duaas inshallah and make it easy for us ameen 1) 2)...
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    SUCH a BEAUTIFUL nasheed! MUST WATCH!! :) XX

    assalaamualykum brothers and sisters.. click the link below...such a beautiful nasheed maashallah with english translation... Hope you enjoy it ;) wow!
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    P.S sister aapa thank you so much.. :( wont say no to a hug :SMILY149: